The Red Ledger: 5

Tomorrow isn’t promised…

I’ve seen death. I’ve watched my place in the world fall away. Every day, the life I’ve chosen with Tristan changes shape. It’s not the life I wanted for us, but it’s ours. I accept this, as unready as I sometimes feel to face the dark side of humanity he knows too well. 

Now the person who’s responsible for putting us on this path has slipped from our grasp. Our grand plans to free Tristan from the life of a mercenary are unraveling. Friends are looking more like foes, and the truth we’ve been searching for is uglier than we could have ever imagined. 

Every tomorrow brings a new fight I pray we can win. But what if tomorrow is something I’ve taken for granted all this time? What if we’ve met our match? What if tomorrow never comes?

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Omg5 star

Every book has me wanting more. The love those two have is unbelievable! These books have it all! Can’t wait for the next one and will hate it when it ends ! ♥️ 55


Ledger51 star

This is just pissing me off. My paid for pre ordered book will not download 15


Phenomenal5 star

This series. This series has made cry, it’s made me angry and hate characters, but this installment....we learn more about Tristan and Isobel. We get a glimpse of their past and we get to see how strong and resilient they both are. Meredith Wild has always written books that I can’t put down and I have to finish “just one more chapter” and that one more chapter turns into the whole book at 3 am, but The Red Ledger goes beyond that. I impatiently wait for the next installment then devour and reread to see what I might have missed. This series is a must read for anyone who likes to be kept guessing and suspense. If you done read anything else this year,you need to read this! 55


Red ledger, best yet5 star

I had the chance to read an ARC of part 5 of the series and it didn't disappoint!! It's the most intense and amazing of the series so far! I couldn't put it down! 55

april R H

Terrific Series5 star

This series just keeps getting better with each new part Meredith continues to wow us! Tristan and Isabel are not sure who to trust but they figure taking down the company may be the only way to survive if this plan doesn’t end up being fatal. The Red Ledger is part romance,part suspense,mysteries to solve and bad guys to kill! I’m loving the sexiness of Tristan and Isabel,plus the emotional journey Tristan is on with more of his memories returning. Can’t wait to see where the series takes me next! April R H 55


Absolutely cant put this down5 star

The Red Ledger: Part 5 was another great read by Meredith Wild. Isabel and Tristan have been through so much and just when you think they've been through it all, they get into more trouble. I absolutely can't put this series down and can't wait to read the rest. 55


5 Edge of your Seat Stars! Elizabeth @ Carolina Chic’s Read5 star

Wow! This story is keeping me on the Edge of my seat! Elizabeth @ Carolina Chic’s Read Tristan and Isabel are still in danger and it seems that it is always finds them. This story is thrilling and I am dying for the conclusion! 5 Edge of your Seat Stars! 55

Never Ending Book Basket

I LOVED this book!!!5 star

Just when I think that there is no possible way that Meredith Wild can addict anymore to the series, she goes and does just that. From the very first page, to the very last, this book owned me. It owned my mind, every feeling it gave me, and it owned every single part of me as this fifth part unfolded. I didn’t know if it was possible for her to up that ante more, to make things more intense, or to pull me in more than I already was, but she did that and more in this addition to the series. Suffice to say, I am more concerned than ever with in this series and with everything that I have gotten with Tristan and Isabel. Their story has spanned countries, has taken them both places far and wide, and has made them both question everything. This installment really pushed them both. While I don’t want to reveal too much of what happened within the pages of the story, because you deserve to experience it for yourself, I will tell you that you will absolutely love every word of what you get in this part of their story. You will love the intensity of it. You will love how it keeps you on the edge of your seat every single word. You will love how you really do not know what that next page will bring these characters and everything that is happening. You will love that this part of their story will give you more than you ever thought possible. Things are coming into place. Things are clicking and pieces are coming together and you get that through every part of the story. What you put together with Tristan and Isabel will have your heart even more in this, will have you dying for more, and will have you knowing that this truly is a series you will never ever want to forget. Just when you thought this series couldn’t get more intense, just when you thought you couldn’t love these characters more, and just when you thought there was no way your adrenaline and your heart and your feels could race even more, Meredith Wild gives you more. She gives you more moments that will shock you, more moments that will have you knowing this is a truly unforgettable story, and more moments that will invest you in the sweeping and consuming love story of Tristan and Isabel. I loved every single word of what I got in this part of their story. I loved how it gave me more of them, I loved how it shocked me, I loved how it felt like more of those pieces were coming together, and I absolutely loved how Meredith Wild once again let me be a part of it all. She brought the action, the romance, the fire and connection to life in a way that is truly exceptional. I am telling you, you have never read a story like this one. You have never read a story that brings together romance and intensity and action and adrenaline pumping moments quite like this one does. You have never read a story that will own you as much is this one does. You have never read a story that will addict you to it’s every word and feel and moment like this one does. You have never read a story that is so vividly and viscerally brought to life like The Red Ledger Series is by Meredith Wild. I truly cannot say enough good things about this book. Or this series. It has the perfect level of intensity, while also giving me an emotional love story that knows no bounds. What I’ve gotten along the way with Tristan and Isabel is nothing short of incredible. Their love and their feelings for one another deepen the more I get with them, and I honestly just can’t wait for more. I can’t wait for more of them, I can’t wait for more of the action and adrenaline that goes with them wherever they are, and I can’t wait for more of this spectacular series. The Red Ledger Part 5 was everything I needed and more. It was perfectly intense, it shocked me in ways that I was not prepared for, it had the adrenaline pumping like crazy through me, and it had me loving every single word of what I read. Tristan and Isabel and their story are truly in a league of their own, and this fifth part just showed me that even more. This series is one of the most gripping, unforgettable, and intense series you’ll ever have the pleasure of reading. I am telling you if you give it a chance, if you read it, you’ll love it. You will absolutely love every word of it. You will love how it steals your breath away. You will love how it keeps you on the edge. You will love how it gives you a heart rendering love story through it all, and in the end you will love what Meredith Wild so spectacularly gives you with her characters and this world and this story. 55

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