Just One of the Groomsmen

Addison Murphy is the funny friend, the girl you grab a beer with—the girl voted most likely to start her own sweatshirt line. And now that one of her best guy friends is getting married, she’ll add “groomsman” to that list, too. She’ll get through this wedding if it’s the last thing she does. Just don’t ask her to dive for any bouquet.

When Tucker Crawford returns to his small hometown, he expects to see the same old people, feel comfort in the same old things. He certainly doesn’t expect to see the nice pair of bare legs sticking out from under the hood of a broken-down car. Certainly doesn’t expect to feel his heart beat faster when he realizes they belong to one of his best friends.

If he convinces Addie to give him a chance, they could be electric…or their breakup could split their tight-knit group in two.

Hiding the way he feels from the guys through bachelor parties, cake tastings, and rehearsals is one thing. But just as Tucker realizes that Addie truly could be the perfect woman for him—he was just too stupid to realize it—now she’s leaving to follow her own dreams. He’s going to need to do a lot of compromising if he’s going to convince her to take a shot at forever with him—on her terms this time.

Each book in the Getting Hitched series is STANDALONE:
* Just One of the Groomsmen
* Always a Bridesmaid

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Sweet, & Deliciously Sexy!5 star

If you love a romance that brings all the feels, full of smiles, tingles, butterflies, and longing liquid, hot need. This is the book to read. I couldn’t stop smiling as I read this in one sitting. This was a delightful and entertaining friends to lovers romance, that will make you blush, laugh and swoon for days. And then you will go back and read it again. Why are you still reading? BUY IT NOW!! 55

Virna Thompson

Sweet, charming and fun read5 star

Just One of the Groomsmen by Cindi Madsen is the first book in her Getting Hitched in Dixie series and I absolutely loved it. This friends to lovers romance had me smiling throughout the entire story. Addison was such a great character. Just one of the guys, all her best friends a guys and she is just one of them. When one of them is set to get married, he asks her to be one of his groomsmen. Which is fine with her. Tucker is one of those best friends and is back home, but he never expected to see Addison in such a different way. Can he take a chance and tell her how he feels or risk their friendship? They had great banter and I loved the friendship they all shared. Tucker and Addison had such great chemistry together, but personal issues seemed to keep them apart. I loved Just One of the Groomsmen by Cindi Madsen. The story was sweet and charming and had me smiling throughout the story. Such great characters and fun and light read. Happy reading! 55

Load fun

Enjoyable read4 star

I received an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I thought that this was a pretty good book. I laughed and I cried, and of course I swooned! My heart broke for Addison at one point in the story (no spoilers here!), I could feel all of the emotions like I was a fly on the wall! I hope there are follow up books to this one because I am not ready to let Addison and Tucker go! 45


Amazing!!5 star

Friends to lovers is one of my favorite tropes. I love the drama of the will they, won't they. I love the uncertainty. Addie and Tucker's journey is one of my absolute favorites. I loved how they talked to each other and did constant check ins that this was what they wanted. But the journey wasn't without its bumps and that kept me glued to the story. I felt every emotion that Addie and Tucker felt and was immediately rooting for them. Their friendship was my favorite part of their story and watching it grow was amazing!! This story was like all of my favorite romantic movies rolled into one book!! I'm absolutely in love with these characters and this town. I NEED this to be a series so I can visit all of them again and get to know them better. 55

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