Welcome to My Arms

What was supposed to be a simple rescue by a stranger turns into so much more. 

Everyone’s favorite family is back! “The chemistry between Ric and Chelsea smoulders from the beginning, then begins to burn brightly. You won’t want to miss this book! Definitely a keeper!” (Rebmay) 

Everyone in Columbia Falls, Montana believes that Chelsea Friessen is a spoiled princess who is more trouble than she’s worth. They’d be wrong though, considering that tale was spun by a scorned high school crush and two years later is still the first impression everyone has of her.

But when she meets a man whose personality is as arrogant as he is drop dead gorgeous that if Chelsea was in her right mind should have her running away from him. The only problem is that this badass stranger walked into her life knowing he saved her from humiliation, a stranger and a kiss she couldn’t resist where he pretended to be her fiancé. The only problem with pretending is it suddenly becomes far too real. 

Did you miss the other books in this big family romance series? Start with the worldwide bestseller THE FORGOTTEN CHILD translated in German & French, coming soon to Portuguese, Spanish & Chinese.

Reading order:

THE OUTSIDER SERIES (The Friessen Legacy)
The Forgotten Child
A Baby And a Wedding (Short Story FREE)
Fallen Hero
The Search (Short Story FREE)
The Awakening
Overdue (Short Story FREE)
The Unexpected Storm
The Wedding

The Friessens: A New Beginning
The Deadline (Andy and Laura)
The Price to Love (Neil and Candy)
A Different Kind of Love (Brad and Emily)
A Vow of Love, A Friessen Family Christmas
The Friessens
The Reunion
The Bloodline (Andy & Laura)
The Promise (Diana & Jed)
The Business Plan (Neil & Candy)
The Decision (Brad & Emily)
First Love (Katy)
Family First
Leave the Light On
In the Moment 
In the Family: A Friessen Family Christmas 
In the Silence 
In the Stars 
In the Charm
Unexpected Consequences 
It Was Always You
The First Time I Saw You
Welcome to My Arms
Welcome to Boston (A Paige & Morgan Short Story)
I’ll Always Love You
Ground Rules
A Reason to Breathe
You Are My Everything

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Welcome to my Arms4 star

Chelsea Friessen meets Ric when he comes to her rescue from a badgering old boyfriend. He spouts off that they are engaged and the whole thing takes off. Chelsea finds in Ric he is so like her father and he is the one man she had been looking for. Good read but a future for them can be explosive. Two headstrong people and Ric being a total alpha. With work I think they can make it. 45

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