Innocent Injustice - A Chance Reddick Thriller

Chance was a good boy. He had always done his best to do what was right, and worked hard to help his grandparents, who were raising him and his sister after their parents died in a tragic accident. When an opportunity came to go to college, Chance began to think life might be on its way to getting better.

But then, his little sister Robin was killed in a senseless murder, and Chance's world started falling apart. His grandfather, shocked at the loss of Robin, suffered a heart attack that took him away, as well. It was just Chance and his grandmother, and little hope that the killers would ever be brought to justice.

Justice. Grandma had told Chance all about justice. Now, it was time to put those lessons to work.

Innocent Injustice - A Chance Reddick Thriller - David Archer Summary

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Innocent Injustice - A Chance Reddick Thriller - David Archer Book Reviews (95)


Innocent Injustice5 star

Here’s an exciting thriller you don’t want to miss!! It’s unstoppable! Thank you David Archer. 55

gini boss

Fallback4 star

Exciting fast moving storyline is really different than I expected. Kept me excited to turn pages 45

kampy 777

Innocent injustice5 star

I love this author he never lets me down. With the books you can read this book pace is absolutely great it moves along never has slow spots just a great read. 55


Innocent Injustice5 star

Het yourself ready to sit on the edge of your seat as you read this thrilling page turner. Surprise and revelation throughout this David Archer novel! Definitely a must have! 55

Quilter Joe

Innocent Injustice - A Chance Reddick Thriller5 star

I enjoyed reading this book. It kept my interest in what was going to happen next. 55


Wow What A Book!5 star

And I thought Noah Wolfe was great, you have outdone your self with Chance Reddick, I can actually say that I could not put this book down! Lately I keep waiting for your latest book featuring Noah Wolfe, now I can't wait for Chance Reddick to return! I enjoyed the book immensely, you are truly a great writer, among the BEST. 55


Awful!5 star

I’ve read several of Mr. Archers books and although sometimes I didn’t like some of his language or opinions of his characters the books were okay. This book is full or racist drivel and vigilante nonsense. I couldn’t get through half of it. I guess this will be my last purchase of one of his books. All in all it’s just sad people still think this way. 55


Couldn’t put it down5 star

Loved this book, well developed characters, fast moving action, a great read! 55


Great new series.5 star

I have read and enjoy all the books written by David Archer. Mr Archers books have a lot of plot twists and turns that keep the reader interested until the very end. He builds great characters and relationships. I can’t wait for the next book of his latest character Chance Riddick and more from the Nero Wolf and Sam P. Thank you Mr Archer. 55


Innocent Justice -A Chance Riddick Thriller5 star

Good read. Couldn't put it down. 55

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