Howard Stern Comes Again

Howard Stern’s first book in more than twenty years, Howard Stern Comes Again, will be published by Simon & Schuster on May 14, 2019.

Howard Stern Comes Again - Howard Stern Summary

Howard Stern Comes Again is the upcoming third book by American radio personality Howard Stern, set for release on May 14, 2019 by Simon & Schuster. It is his first book in 24 years since the release of his previous, Miss America (1995)...

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Howard Stern Comes Again - Howard Stern Book Reviews (44)


Got Talent5 star

Loved him in got talent 55


9999999995 star

I give the book about a noine. The guys in the back loved it. Can’t wait till it comes out on vinyl. 55


Can’t wait for this book5 star

Heard the Sirius announcement and I absolutely loved his first 2 books. Cannot wait for this one! Love Howard! 55

Mr. Turtle23

Excited5 star

Dang I’m glad I listen to stern on SiriusXM and found out about the book even tho he did say it will be a good experience in hard cover book 55


Like the Bible5 star

I am very excited about the book coming out. However, I cannot believe or understand how people would give negative reviews to a book that has not even been released yet. **On second thought, people who have not even been in a room with a Bible (which has been available for centuries), quote it and misquote it (or even autograph it) without ever having read it. Can’t wait to read about his favorite interviews, his reflections, and his grow as a performer and as a person. Congratulations to Mr. Stern on yet another success!! 55

Rose Co.

Not released yet already being reviewed.5 star

Go and find better things to do than comment on a book that hasn’t been released. 🖕 55


FaFaFoohi5 star

Howard dedicated his life to making us laugh and that is the greatest gift anyone can give. Stoked to read anything he creates. 55


HEY NOW5 star

I CANT WAIT !!! 55


Can the book come out before we review it5 star

Wow the book does not come out for 2 months and we already have best book ever. Love Howard but let’s slow down this hype train. 55


No More Bull$#!+5 star

I love how people are panning the book before it’s released. Release date is 5/14/19 don’t believe reviews before then! I’m giving it 5 stars just to say this. I will honestly rate it when I read it. 55

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