Reveling in Sin

Reveling in Sin is the third book in New York Times bestselling author Meghan March’s epically romantic and addictive Sin Trilogy.

Whitney Gable is the kind of woman you fight to the death to protect. 
To keep. 
To cherish. 
I’ve finally learned my lesson, and it’s time to prove I’m the man who’s worthy of her.
I don’t care what it takes, because failure is not an option. 
No matter who or what stands in our way—this time, she’ll be mine forever.


"5 stars for Meghan March 's Sin trilogy. This trilogy gets better and better with each book. The thrills and secret sins keep coming until the final page. Adding this trilogy to my list of "not to miss" unforgettable stories!"  ~Aleatha Romig, New York Times bestselling author

“This is one of March’s most epic and most memorable love stories, and you’ll be tempted to stay up all night and read it. And then read it all over again the next day.” ~Mary Dube, HEA USA Today

"The scorching hot conclusion to Meghan March’s Sin Trilogy is here and it’s one EPIC finale you don’t want to miss!” ~Shayna's Spicy Reads  

“Just when you think you have all the secrets in the Sin Trilogy figured out, Meghan March delivers up a twist so wild, your jaw will be hitting the floor!” ~Marie's Tempting Reads

“March has created a masterpiece with this trilogy with each book being better than the last, keeping me on the edge of my seat wondering if anyone can…survive the Gable/Riscoff family drama.” ~Louise, Seraphim Book Reviews

A fast-paced, action-filled, addictive read, it's angsty, emotional, twisted, and so freaking good! ~The Escapist Book Blog

“Holy mother of everything that is all holy. THIS BOOK! SO GOOD!” ~Imani, Enamored Reads

Reveling in Sin - Meghan March Summary

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Reveling in Sin - Meghan March Book Reviews (568)

seriously dont buyt

Don’t buy1 star

This book was a waste of time and money. Any disaster you could think of the author threw in. Seriously, don’t waste your money 15


Cheesy2 star

Ugh I loved the first 2 books but man this one has just been strung along too far. Not much action and sooooooo much corny lovey doves crap it kind of made me sick. Very disappointing. 25


Reveling in this book!5 star

This is the stunning conclusion to the Sin series, & I do mean stunning! The answers to questions I’ve had through the books had me gasping. I did not see any of those answers coming, & I was shocked in a good way. I loved that Lincoln & Whitney were solidly together in this book. I also loved that Whitney got a spine & kept it during this book while Lincoln was willing to do anything to keep Whitney by his side. This book had my emotions all over the place, again in a good way, & the bonus epilogue had me crying happy tears. Meghan March wrote a beautifully stunning epic love story that you cannot miss! 55


Ridiculous!3 star

I like the first two books but this one was so far fetched. 35

Elizabeth Thiele

Lincoln & Whitney <35 star

This conclusion was EPIC!! This book was emotional and sexy and intriguing. Lincoln & Whitney have been through the ringer; from their last names, to his mother, to her marriage and everything in between. They have overcame obstacles and I love the strength that this couple shows. In this book, I really loved how Whitney's strength was shown more so than in the other 2 books. Whitney stood by Lincoln's side no matter what and Lincoln stood by Whitney's. Whitney also showed strength by standing up for herself, instead of letting other people ruin her name. Lincoln learns truths in this book and I am so happy that everything is finally in the light!! I love the passion and the connection between Lincoln & Whitney!! With everything that they have gone through, they have just gotten closer and stronger!! I loved Cricket and Hunter and the grandparents and Lincoln's sister!! I loved that even though this was the conclusion to Lincoln & Whitney's story, it still had me on the edge of my seat throughout almost the whole book!! This is definitely one of my favorite trilogy's by Meghan March and I cannot wait for what she comes out with next!! 55

Wisco Reads

A love thats simply meant to be5 star

Amazing. In true Meghan form, just when you think you have everything figured out, you sure don’t. Another wild ride is what you’ll find between these covers. One of my favorite things about this series that I have mentioned in each other review is that I absolutely love the seamless transitions from present to past and back again. Sometimes you have these kinds of books you go from present to past and you’re sitting there trying to figure out where you are and what year it is. Nope, not here. It’s so easy to follow. These characters take hold of you. Another beautiful thing Meghan can do. I’ll carry these characters for a long while. My mind is blown. I can’t wait for another from Meghan, as always. 55

Wookiee 45

What did I just read?5 star

5 massively bright stars for - Reveling In Sin - book three of the Sin Trilogy by Meghan March. This is the stellar conclusion to the Sin Trilogy and whether you’re one of the people who like to wait for all the books to be available first or read them as they come, trust me when I say this series is one of March’s best to date. Once again we pick up after a cliffhanger that left my jaw on the floor for days and if you think you know what’s coming...I can assure you that is not the case. Honestly there were even a couple instances where I re-read the chapter just to be sure - “did that really just happen”! There is heaps of mystery, danger and intrigue on almost every page intertwined with the sultry, alluring seduction that Ms. March is a master of. Gable is a town very rich in character and the secrets and lies it’s residents weave are the stuff of legend. I for one am hoping we get more stories from these enigmatic people in the near future. 55


Great ending!!5 star

Just when you think you have it all figured out......PLOT TWIST!!!! Lincoln and Whitney’s bond grows stronger as shocking revelations are revealed in the final book of this trilogy. 55


Just wow5 star

Meghan kills me with the cliffhangers but omg it’s totally worth it!! One word amazing!!!! Hands down best author ever!! 55

I Love Story Time

An EPIC conclusion!5 star

Holy hell! What an ending! My head is still spinning! To say that I did not see that coming is an understatement. Meghan March delivered one heck of a conclusion to this amazing series. I am still in shock! I devoured this book. It was everything I hoped it would be and so much more! ♥ Review by Lys I LOVE STORY TIME BOOK BLOG 55

Dirt Steve

Reveling in Sin4 star

"So that's the difference when you find the right man. You're willing to go to war to keep the one you love." Reveling in Sin, the final book in the Sin Trilogy, a conclusion to the warring family feud between the Riscoff's and the Gable's, a war that now has a deep forever love fighting to be won!!! This trilogy has been full of exciting family drama that kept my eyes glued to the page, and packed with buried deceiving secrets that left me shocked with each revelation, and the questions for what will happen next have had me highly anticipating the next book...... But I was still not prepared for how much more was in store for Whitney and Lincoln!!! In this book, all the family drama, all the secrets and lies is multiplied until it's spinning into an explosion of skeletons coming out of everyone's closet..... Some not so surprising but SOME I was totally shocked by!! Whitney and Lincoln, Gable and Riscoff, they've found love in each other, but will their deep forever love be strong enough to win this family feuding war that is overflowing with painful secrets and manipulating lies? This book and the complete trilogy is an angsty, sexy, and super suspenseful romance entangled in a flaming family feud that I found very entertaining and would recommend!!! 45


Intense Conclusion5 star

A heart pounding conclusion, Reveling in Sin was everything! The buildup in the previous books explodes in Reveling. Lincoln and Whitney have not had it easy. Following their story has left me breathless as secrets are revealed as the past collides with the present. Reveling in Sin is book three of a must read read trilogy. Ms. March blew it out of the park with Reveling, it’s sexy and addictive, while the drama keeps you hooked. *Review Copy requested and reviewed* 55


The best twists!!5 star

Reveling in Sin was a WILD RIDE!! Just an amazing story packed full of action that goes from one twist to the next. “This is the best life I could hope for you to have. Don’t screw it up over something as stupid as love.” After the crazy cliffies of the previous stories I was so looking forward to finding out if Lincoln would be able to hold on to Whitney and if she would get her happily ever after. “I will never deserve you,” I tell her as I wipe the tears away from her face. “But I’ll never stop trying.” What an awesome conclusion. An exciting story that had me completely engrossed from the start. -5 Stars!- 55


One wild - and hot - story4 star

Take a deep breath before you open this book because that will be the last one you get until you turn the last page. Meghan March keeps the finale to her Sin trilogy in hyperdrive, packing more action into it than the other two combined.  Here is the good news: Meghan March defies your worst fears and doesn't mess around with Lincoln and Whitney. That could be because there isn't any time, what with all of the other plot twists and occasional telenovela-esque twists and turns. But I'd like to think that she knows that a third book of "what can I do to separate this couple" would be playing a familiar card. Instead, she makes them work - oh, does she make them WORK - to stay together.  When I tell you that this book is a rollercoaster, I mean it jerks and yanks and spins and flips and zooms you all over the place. And yet it doesn't feel like a mess. That's perhaps the biggest compliment I can give Meghan March. When you have a Russian nesting doll of plot twists and they keep coming and coming, you could find yourself losing your emotional connection to the characters and story. That doesn't happen here. If anything, with each new doll, Meghan March makes you care more. But you're here to know about the sexy times, right? Let me just tell you that they are her hottest yet. And that's saying something because Meghan March's books are always gloriously full of the scorching sex.  If you've waited until now to read this series, dive on in. And if you've waited to find out what happens next, take that breath and start reading.  45

Kahea46/Books n Wine Blog

Crazy. Smexy Goodness!!5 star

***5 Stars*** Okay. Wait a sec as I try to catch my breath because… Hello that was craycray I’m soooo serious. I feel like I’ve just finished playing a game of laser tag or paintball and spent the entire time bobbing and weaving around in order to not get shot because there was no place to hide. None. But honestly, the conclusion to Lincoln and Whitney’s unbelievably rocky journey to their HEA was a heck of a lot of fun. It was smexy as all get out (not a surprise considering who the author is), funny when it was mind boggling crazy and had moments that were all kinds of swoon worthy (and not all came from our main MC’s, but most) But most of all I loved seeing Lincoln and Whitney FINALLY become who they were always meant to be, as a couple and as individuals. Now for the the craycray....I obviously can’t go into details (not that I ever really do) but every question, or guess about a situation, I had going into this wild ride was answered and all but one and a half I hadn’t seen coming (The one full one I was spot on with, the half...well, that one is debatable but I’m taking it.) But even with all the crazy, it all ended up making perfect sense and everything finally fell in line. I have to say that as far as duets and trilogies go and the ‘conclusions’ to those, this one may just go down as my favorite. It was nothing like I thought it would be and still everything I wanted. Outside of Whitney and Lincoln, I adored Cricket, Hunter and Mac and the patriarchs of both families were all kinds of everything. And those last few chapters had me smiling like a crazy person and happy dancing. So, I must kowtow to the author for this baby and let you all know to buckle up, because you’re in for a wild ride! ~ Copy provided by the author & voluntarily reviewed ~ 55

Samantha S!

Such a great way to end the trilogy5 star

This is my favorite book for the trilogy. This author is crazy good at her books and I don’t know how she does it! Whitney and Lincoln ❤️. So many twists and turns, I don’t want to spoil anything. But read all three books! 55


One click! A fantastic conclusion!4 star

What a fantastic conclusion filled with twists and turn, once you think you’ve figured it out..... Hold on because this roller coaster ride isn’t done!! Great character development, chemistry and supporting cast. One click! Meghan March does not disappoint! I highly recommend this book, must be read in order. 45


EPIC conclusion!!!!5 star

Where to begin!!!! From the very first page to the very last by heart rate did not slow!!! Reveling in Sin is the EPIC conclusion....and i really mean Whitney and Lincoln’s story. I’m still processing everything I much happened that I my reactions were “ummm, WHAT!!!!”.....”NO!!!!!!”.....”did I just read that????” Yes, I asked myself all those questions and more. I’m ready for more from this new world Ms. March has brought us. Bravo Ms. March...Bravo! 55


Mind blowing conclusion!!5 star

I have two words for you. MIND BLOWN!!!! Reveling in Sin, book 3 in Meghan March’s Sin Series picked up right where Guilty as Sin left off...and we all know how Book 2 ended! We were left in cliffy heaven and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the conclusion to this twisted and crazy awesome series. I was so excited to see if Whitney stopped running and if Lincoln stepped up and showed her THEY ARE WORTH IT! Their families be damned. There were soooooo many truth bombs dropped that I’m still reeling from everything! We wanted ALL THE ANSWERS and boy does the author give us them AND SO MUCH MORE! If I thought the Riscoff’s and Gable’s were so deeply intwined with hatred, lies and secrets dated back almost 200 years I WAS WRONG! They are far more complicated than I ever saw coming! I’m feeling all the emotions with everything that was dropped on me. I cannot say much because there is so much that can spoil this book and I WON’T do that! Jump on it and gobble it up! You won’t be disappointed;) 55

Wendy LeGrand

What an epic conclusion!5 star

4.5 stars! Okay, where to begin with this review? So you know from reading Guilty as sin how that book ended, and we all had to wait on pins and needles to see what was going to happen after the bomb that was dropped on us. How were Lincoln and Whitney going to react to the news? How was it going to affect them? Would history repeat itself once again and this would be another thing that split them apart? Or would they finally break the cycle and turn to each other for support and strength? So much happens in this book! Holy hell, my head is still spinning from everything that went on! I certainly got my wish of getting all the answers to all the questions I had after finishing book 2. I'm thinking back in my head right now and going over everything that I had questions about to see if anything got missed, and nope, every question I had is answered. And a lot of the answers that come? Not at all what I was expecting!! There are multiple jaw-dropping moments in this last installment in the Sin trilogy! I am not a fast reader, it usually takes me several days to finish a book. But I had to go out of town this week, and shortly after getting to my hotel I discovered Reveling in Sin had dropped to my Kindle, and so after doing some squealing and jumping around, I settled in tight and read this book from cover to cover in one afternoon! I really can't even remember when the last time was that I did that. And it isn't because the book is short, it is not by any means. It was because I couldn't put it down! Meghan pulls out all the stops in this third book! It has action, it has mystery, it has angst, it has romance, it has drama, lots of drama, and every emotion you can think of. Through it all, Lincoln and Whitney. Yeah. They are everything. I can't wait for everyone to read this last book. If you're a die hard fan of Meghan's and have read her other series, you may see some characters you know and love make an appearance. And if you are starting your journey through Meghan's books with this series, there's a couple of characters that you'll NEED to go back and read their books next. One particular character is already intriguing me a lot! I can't wait to get their story. I'm sad to see this trilogy end. There's some characters in it that I would love to see get their own story. Perhaps they will some day. And here's hoping that Lincoln and Whitney will make cameo appearances in some of Meghan's future books! 55

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