Besting the Billionaire - Complete Series

The Billionaire’s Secret Marriage

Dante Liakos had yet another challenge to overcome in securing his business empire’s future, but this one was much more personal in nature – the need for a wife and an heir. Without them, he could lose control of the empire he had worked so hard to rebuild and expand. However, as he had found so many times before, turning a challenge into a success was about recognizing the right opportunity and acting upon it decisively. In Jayden Hart, he saw such an opportunity, enclosed in the rare combination of innocence, beauty and brilliance - a combination he couldn't resist despite his attempts to remain aloof from the relationship!

Normally poised and self-assured, Jayden’s world had taken an alarming turn. What initially had seemed like a nuisance was quickly becoming a significant threat to her business, her family, and her whole way of life! And she had no idea how to avoid catastrophe. Dante’s suggested solution presented a potential lifeline, but with what strings attached? Would the solution be worse than the crisis that had required it? And how was she to avoid falling in love with her secret husband?

The Italian’s Twin Surprise

Five years ago, Janine Hart fell in love – and her world fell apart. She found herself pregnant and in love with a man who didn’t know how to love. Anyone! So she left and came back to the arms of her family, pulled her life together and gave birth to two beautiful twin daughters. 

Now Micah is back and he wants to try again. He’s willing to try things her way, but can she risk being hurt again? And how was she to explain that he was a father? How could she tell this powerful, Italian male that she wouldn’t put herself into that position again – especially when she couldn’t avoid falling into his arms? 

The Forbidden Russian Lover

Jilted at the altar! Good grief, Jasmine really could pick ‘em! But she was resilient and decided to go on the honeymoon anyway. She would learn to live as an independent woman and be happy with her life. 

What she hadn’t anticipated was falling into the arms of the horrible, critical and enticingly handsome Antoniv Petrov. 

His strong arms and wealth were everything she could not want in a man. She had to find her own way! Her sisters had both fallen for wealthy, powerful men and Jasmine was determined to be different. Besides, Antoniv only wanted a sexual relationship and the Hart sisters seemed to have inherited a crazy fertility somehow – both had gotten pregnant despite precautions. 

So there was no way she was going to risk getting involved with the amazingly handsome Russian billionaire. There were too many reasons to stay away from them. 

But only one reason she couldn’t – she wanted him! 

Antoniv couldn’t believe the little spitfire who had fallen into his arms. She was a sexy little siren that he was determined to have in his bed. One by one, he eliminated all of the excuses she had for avoiding a relationship with him. And in the end, Atoniv Petrov always gets what he wants.

This is the Complete Besting the Billionaire Series by Elizabeth Lennox.

Besting the Billionaire - Complete Series - Elizabeth Lennox Summary

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Besting the Billionaire - Book 14 star

Author’s imagery is great, leading the reader through the emotional inner monologues of the main characters while demonstrating an intense focus on each other that excludes all but the essentials of their surroundings. You’re almost ensconced inside each character’s mind. 45


Beating the billionaire complete series5 star

By Elizabeth Lennox Absolutely worth reading! All 3 stories are adorable and want to make you say awwwwwe! 55


Loved this book!5 star

I like all the 3 characters of the triplets. I finished the first book in one night, it was great story can’t put it down. 55


Besting the Billionaire5 star

This was an exciting book. I could not put it down. I have all of Elizabeth Lennox’s book. 55


Great series!5 star

What a great series! I loved the dominant but soft hearted men and the strong willed independent women in each story. This is what romance is all about! 55


Triple Pleasure All Around5 star

I could not put these series down! It is a very well written, romantic story and the epilogues did not disappoint! I love how the thoughts of Dante, Micah and Antoniv consequently followed after the feelings and thoughts of Jayden, Janine and Jasmine. This book gave me that ‘feel good’ vibes to kick off my long weekend! 55


Triple the ❤️5 star

Wow. I couldn’t put the books down once I started. How do triplets find love and yet still maintain what they’ve always been? Part of a triad can expand by three and then many more. As diverse as the ladies are, Jayden, Jasmine and Jannine, they find three hunks that are as similar as the ladies are but also as different. 55


Besting The Billionaire - Complete Series5 star

Enjoyed these books very much and read the three book series in one day. Love your books and have read all of your books available to me on iBooks. Please keep the stories coming! 55


Loved it!!5 star

After I read the first book I knew I wanted more!! So I went on to read the last two books and wanted more immediately!! 55


Besting the billionaire -5 star

Beautiful love stories - sisters are the best!!! 55

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