In the long-awaited follow-up to the #1 bestselling thriller INVISIBLE . . . the perfect murder always looks like an accident.
FBI agent Emmy Dockery is absolutely relentless. She's young and driven, and her unique skill at seeing connections others miss has brought her an impressive string of arrests.

But a shocking new case-unfolding across the country-has left her utterly baffled.

The victims all appear to have died by accident, and have seemingly nothing in common. But this many deaths can't be coincidence. And the killer is somehow one step ahead of every move Dockery makes. How?

To FBI special agent Harrison "Books" Bookman, everyone in the FBI is a suspect-particularly Emmy Dockery (the fact that she's his ex-fiancee doesn't make it easier).

But someone else is watching Dockery. Studying, learning, waiting. Until it's the perfect time to strike.

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Unsolved may refer to: Unsolved (album), a 2000 album by the American band Karate Unsolved (UK TV programme), a 2004–2006 British crime documentary television programme that aired on STV in Scotland Unsolved (South Korean TV series), a 2010 South Korean television series Unsolved (U.S. TV series), a 2018 American television series Unsolved: The Boy Who Disappeared, a 2016 online series by BBC Three The Unsolved, a 1997 Japanese video game BuzzFeed Unsolved, show by BuzzFeed disussing unsolved crimes and haunted places..

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Dan Vermilion

Read James Joyce first5 star

One you get to chapter four, read the first three chapters again very slowly, recognizing that the author never took a class in pronouns. You won’t know who is thinking or talking when you read, but if you are very smart you might eventually figure it out. At chapter four you begin to think the authors meds have started to take effect. Shortly, however, the author sinks into non sequiter once again. Patterson is a great writer. It is too bad the publisher convinced him to sell his name and allow very poor writers to put his name on their books. It is even worse that he never attempted to read this book before it was published. As you read, always remember that a “I” in the first paragraph of a new chapter never relates to the person in the previous chapter. If Patterson’s collaborator goes to pronoun school — or stops trying to be so cute with a book’s sequence — there may be a future for him. But skip this one. Punish the publisher. 55

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Unsolved5 star

Great book! It keeps you glued from the beginning with twists and turns that has you guessing as to who is who until the very end. I loved it and would recommend the novel to my friends. Good job Pat! 55

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