A Sucky Love Story: Overcoming Unhappily Ever After

Where does a moderately popular internet star who never leaves her house look for potential suitors? Online. Tinder, Bumble, Match.com, OkCupid—I tried them all. My thirty-one-year-old self clicked and swiped her little heart out, leading to more dates than I could count, and more disappointment than I was prepared for.

Maybe you can relate. Maybe you know all too well the perils of modern dating. But let’s say, eventually, you meet someone. You think to yourself, “Wow, they’re perfect! Take me off the market, put a ring on it, knock me up, the whole enchilada, because they are ‘the one.’” Let’s also say that they “feel the same way” about you. Your life starts to make sense! All the pain, heartbreak, and frustration from past failed relationships was worth it. Slow clap.

That’s how I felt about Milos. He was from Europe, a doctor, wealthy, athletic. He had an accent and a dog. Milos was textbook marriage material.

For him it was “love at first sight,” but for me, it was “anxiety on every date.”

Something was telling me to run—but for two years, the only running I did was straight into his arms.

If only I would have listened.

This isn’t a love story.

It’s my story of survival.

A Sucky Love Story: Overcoming Unhappily Ever After - Brittani Louise Taylor Summary

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Amazing.5 star

Although my heart breaks that Brittani had to go through these things... this book is absolutely amazing! I finished it in just a few days.. (could have been one day but ya know, mom life.) I’ve been in a verbally and mentally abusive relationship and this book somehow made me feel like I am not alone. Brittani is my biggest inspiration. I will be reading this all over again! 55


Never felt more connected to someone5 star

I have been wanting to read this book for months and I’m so bummed it’s over. I absolutely loved it. It made me feel like I’m not alone. And that other people chose to make the same decision I did when I was in my abusive relationship. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I hope this book helps other people either get out of their abusive relationships or feel connected and not alone with their past ones. It’s always so comforting to me to know that I’m not alone in how I feel or felt and that there are other people out there too struggling with the same thing. 55


Too Rambl-y2 star

It was okay for a light read. It got really off point and it seemed like she would get really rambl-y at certain parts. I often caught myself skipping a few pages and not really feeling like I missed much at all. 25


So interesting!!5 star

I was watching Shane’s most recent YouTube video and started hearing Brittani’s summary of what all happened and I instantly knew I had to go buy this book so I could figure out the rest of the details. I literally have never read a book so fast, I bought it and read it all in 5 and a half hours... 12/10 would recommend, I honestly just couldn’t bring myself to put it down!! 55


Outstanding5 star

What a beautiful and strong woman! The things she went through were terrible, and yet she is coming out the other side the same girl that we always saw on camera. I applaud her bravery, and look forward to anything else that she may write. As this is so well written, and I have almost no questions at the end of it. She is wonderful beyond words. 55


The best book I’ve ever read5 star

I don’t normally read books like this. But I’ve been following her on YouTube for a long time. I am going to be honest I unsubscribed because I did not like the guy she got into a relationship with. Suddenly a video popped up on my recommended. It was her introducing her book. And I realized that was something really up so i subscribed again. I watched all the videos I had missed. Since her announcing her pregnancy and engagement. And oh my god.... so I had to get this book and read about what happened. I’m so happy I did. This book was raw, beautiful and it drew me in. Honestly I couldn’t put it down. Took me 2 days to read it. I am going to read it again. 55


Loved5 star

Amazing read was done in 3 days couldn’t stop, brittani is very inspiring and strong can feel her love for Rex and I hope everything goes up from here for her❤️ 55


Awful book, awful story, awful people1 star

This book was awful. Every person in this book, except Bunny, deserved what happened to them. Don’t buy it. You’ll regret it. Seeing as this book has so many 5 star reviews depresses me as it is painfully obvious how lazy and dumb this world is becoming. 15


5/55 star

Mind blowing! 55


Great book!5 star

Such a great book! I finished it in about three days because it was just that amazing. It’s crazy to think that you think you know someone and then it turns out you don’t actually know them at all. Worth the read! 55


Powerful5 star

As a survivor of domestic violence and as a feminist, I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Read this book. Share this story. Look for these signs in your relationships. The way that Brittani wrote this book and chose to tell her story was so moving and powerful. Let us all use this book as a warning of what can happen when we are blinded by love when someone is manipulating us. A cautionary tale. 55


A Sucky Love Story5 star

Very good book, I only happened to see this. I had no idea who author was. I couldn’t put it down. What a story! What a survivor! So I started to watch some blogs or vlogs. Brittani is such an upbeat positive person. Fun, and interesting. Good luck with your book and career. You’re a star and a beacon of light to others. Thanks for sharing! P.S. this book has mostly great reviews. The few that gave it less than good ratings- it’s painfully obvious that they’re jealous and envious of Brittani. Anyone can see by their review. I’ve shown these reviews to others who agree. So obvious in their jealousy. 55


Amazing5 star

I rewatched videos from 2017 while reading this book and I couldn’t help but let tears flow and feel helpless. Brittani, you are so strong, you a warrior, a goddess, a strong mother. To go through y’all that and tell your story with others is brave. But it’s fitting to who you are, a brave woman, a brave mother. You & Rex deserve happiness & I’m so glad you are finding your way to be 100% again. 55


Amazing story, must read5 star

BLT style of writing makes it as if she’s telling you the story in person and she’s talking directly to you. The book was an easy read and always kept me wanting more at the end of each chapter. 55


I’m speechless.5 star

As a teenager (a few years ago) I watched Brittani’s YouTube videos. So funny and charismatic, no wonder she has so many subscribers. Until recently, I started seeing pictures of her book on Instagram and I was curious. I went on YouTube and sure enough, Brittani’s life had dramatically changed. After not watching her videos for so long, I was confused. I decided to purchase a digital copy of her book because I listened to a preview of her audible book. I was so hooked and immediately started reading. I have never cried this much while reading a book or even finishing a book in such a short amount of time. This book will make you feel many things and I truly recommend it. My biggest take away after reading this book, Brittani you are so strong and I am so proud of you. Please read this book. 55


Incredible5 star

This is an incredible raw story, I read this in one night I couldn’t put it down. 55

Brittani Taylor

You. Must. Read. This. Book.5 star

Absolutely loved it! Funny, painful, beautifully written! 10/10 55


Wonderful5 star

Great read 55


Loved it5 star

Amazing book❤️ 55


Heartbreaking5 star

This struck so many emotions in my heart. And I have been in similar but not as extreme situations that did not end as well as her story did. ( You know, minus the Mafia, doctor, con artist parts) It was lengthy, but answered so many questions. I read it all in a few hours. My heart breaks that she went through this. I encourage everyone to read this, as it is a lesson about the world we live in and shows us how careful we must be. I am so happy for her happy ending, and I hope it falls into anyone’s hands who may come into contact with him. 55

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