Billionaire's Secret - Complete Series

I’m a journalist. It was just supposed to be another story.
Then he showed up.
My brother’s best friend. But he doesn’t recognize me.
I write under a pen name. He wants me to write his blackmail story.
I’m a smart, detailed, hard-hitting writer.
But I don’t believe him.
Ethen James. A billionaire real estate mogul. Single dad. Beautiful. Well dressed. A body to die for.
My boss told me to stay away from this story. He’s seen his share of journalists get hurt.
But I wouldn’t listen. Now I’m in deep.
This story is infinitely bigger than I ever imagined. And Ethen and I, yeah it’s complicated.
My real name is Eve Bridgeport. I didn’t listen to my boss, best friend, or my own journalist intuitions.
Now he has me wrapped up in his web. 
He’s got my mind.
My heart, and my body too.

This is the Complete Billionaire's Secret Series by M.K. Morgan.

Billionaire's Secret - Complete Series - M.K. Morgan Summary

Billionaire's Secret - Complete Series book summary coming soon..

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Mmmmm😕🤔3 star

Not sure how I feel about this book. It has the bones to be a great story, but not enough muscle to pull it off. Also, it skirted around or missed some the main points becoming finished. It just felt incomplete to me. 35


Billionaires secret4 star

Very good story but the ending left me hanging. I wanted more about this couple and Iris and Charlie. 45

Peeked interest

Billionaire's secret, M. K. Morgan, iBooks4 star

Fascinating story about ethen and Eve and the bond between them and all the things that brought them together. I'm glad that Eve and her brother reunited. It was a short story and they covered all the issues. 45

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Billionaire's Secret

3.5     23