Mad About Moon

Fall in love with Jed and Josie in this emotionally captivating, sexy standalone romance by New York Times bestselling author Melissa Foster. The perfect love story for those who enjoy fiercely loyal and insanely sexy alpha heroes, smart, sassy heroines, strong family bonds, bikers, babies, and more! 

Can true love strike twice in one lifetime?
Josie Beckley refuses to believe there is a limit on happiness. A decade after she escaped her abusive parents and lost touch with her siblings, the death of her husband leaves her and her son homeless. But Josie has never been one to wallow in sadness, and when she takes a chance on reconnecting with her siblings, a sinfully handsome bright light from her past shows up and offers to help her find a way out of the darkness.

Most people wouldn't see Jed Moon as someone to look up to. He's been in and out of jail and has lived a less-than-stellar lifestyle. But years ago one woman saw through his nonsense, and he's never forgotten her. Now she's back in his life, and as a prospect for the Dark Knights motorcycle club, Jed promises to keep an eye on the sassy, sexy single mother who has never stopped lighting his fantasies on fire. 

Jed and Josie's combustible connection is stronger than ever. Having Josie and her son in his life brings out all of Jed's protective instincts-and visions of a future he never imagined having. But when a shocking revelation knocks the insatiable lovers to their knees, it forces them to make choices that could change their lives forever. 

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The Whiskeys are perfect beach reads with depth of story, strong family ties, and a wealth of emotions. Small town love stories with happily ever afters guaranteed.

"Melissa Foster is synonymous with sexy, swoony, heartfelt romance!" New York Times Bestseller Lauren Blakely

"You can always rely on Melissa Foster to deliver a story that's fresh, emotional and entertaining. Make sure you have all night, because once you start you won't want to stop reading. Every book's a winner!" NYT Bestselling Author Brenda Novak

"Melissa Foster writes worlds that draw you in, with strong heroes and brave heroines surrounded by a community that makes you want to crawl right on through the page and live there. - New York Times bestselling author Julia Kent

"When it comes to contemporary romances with realistic characters, an emotional love story and smokin' hot sex, author Melissa Foster always delivers!" The Romance Reviews

"I highly recommend this book to fans of Nora Roberts (one of my personal faves) and fans of a sweet story filled with heat and heart." - Tia Bach, author (on Sisters in Love)

"Melissa Foster is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Fated For Love was amazing. It kind of reminds me of Jill Shalvis' books and they are my benchmark for contemporary romance awesomeness." --Books Like Breathing 

"I highly recommend the Snow Sisters all the Braden and Remington books....They remind me of the McCarthy of Gansett series and The Green Mountain series. I am a huge fan of Marie Force. And now Melissa Foster has joined her ranks...." - I Love NY, Reviewer 

"Foster writes characters that are complex and loyal, and each new story brings further depth and development to a redefined concept of family." - RT Book Reviews

"Emotional and sincere. Sweet and sexy. Hot and intense! More Whiskey please!!!" - Aaly and The Books

"Love, Strength and Loyalty. Those Whiskey boys are something else. WOW!" - Dirty South Books

"You can never go wrong with the heroes that Melissa Foster creates. She hasn't made one yet that I haven't fallen in love with." - Natalie the Biblioholic

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Mad About Moon - Melissa Foster Book Reviews (137)


I’m Mad About Moon!5 star

I love the Whiskey Series! This book is so emotional, I laughed, I cried! Such a great story about second chances in love and life. Melissa Foster is one of my favorite authors. Her stories just hook you on the first page and she never disappoints! 55

Diva Princess1

I’m Mad about Moon too....5 star

Jed Moon was an awesome person, but I think he some times doubted that. Jed grow up with loving parents until his Dad died and his mother drowned herself in a bottle, leaving him to provide for him and his little sister Chrissy. Jed did anything he could to feed her including stealing. One day he met a beautiful girl name Josie at a field party. They spent the entire time together. He never felt that way about anyone she was special. Josie however had her own issues to deal with. She was born to abusive parents, she had a brother Scott and sister Sarah who did everything they could to keep her away from her parents. But one day they had to leave. Josie believed they were not coming back for her so she left with another guy Daniel to Maryland at the age 13. He help her to take care of his grandmother. But they gave her a good life. When she met moon it was two days before her 18th birthday. Anyway Jed went to find her the next day only to be told by Daniel to stay away. So he did. Five years later Scott and Sarah are looking for their sister who to Jed surprise was his Jojo. By then Jed had grown up and found a home and family with the Whiskey family. Josie sister Sarah was married to Bones Whiskey. Josie was at a shelter with her son Hail where he volunteered. But Jed helped her to reunite with him and her family. Excellent story not a complete spoiler alert. If your a Melissa Foster fan you know it’s a feel good story. 55


A must read!!!5 star

I LOVE the Whiskey series, and Moon and Josie’s story just might be my favorite of them. Josie is one of those characters you can relate to. She’s guarded, but it’s completely understandable with her past. She underestimates her value, and it’s kinda refreshing. Moon is perfect for her. A bit “damaged”, he’s turned his life around and is really an inspiration to those around him. He’s the perfect fit to the Dark Knights, and the perfect man for Josie. This story drew me in from the beginning, and I loved catching up with previous characters. A fantastic must read that I would definitely recommend! 55

Samantha B. Sokol

Another amazing installment in The Whiskey’s series!5 star

Another amazing installment in The Whiskey’s series! After reading about Sarah and her family, I couldn’t wait to read about Josie and continue that story further! Josie had such a hard go at life and when she finally thought she was getting past it, tragedy stroke again. Fate brings happiness again when it turns out the man she crushed on previously, Jed, is a prospect with the Dark Knights and hasn’t forgotten about Josie either. The attraction between the two was great and I enjoyed how Jed was able to push through Josie’s flightiness and put her in her place at times and break through her emotional obstacles. The flow of the story was great per usual and I loved that we were also able to see what the rest of the Whiskey family was up to even after their stories. I cannot wait until Dixie’s story though! I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. 55

Rad Amy 132

Swoon over moon5 star

We met Jed Moon in Truly, Madly Whiskey and we met Josie in Wicked Whiskey Love. Jed is Crystal’s brother that was on a bad path and stealing food for him and his sister when he was younger. Now, as an adult, he is prospecting to become a Dark Knight. Josie is Sarah and Scotty’s long-lost sister whom they finally found after Sarah and Scott’s accident. Josie is living in a shelter with her little boy when a face from her past comes around. Apparently, her an Moon knew each other and shared a special night 6 years ago…now he is keeping watch of her and her son Hail because that’s what the Dark Knights do. Both coming from abuse as children, they both have emotional baggage. But, the chemistry they have with each other is undeniable! This is a story of overcoming our pasts and appreciating something you never thought you would have or deserved. Another fantastic read from Melissa. 55


Jed and Josie5 star

Who would ever have thought that gingerbread could make so much happen! This is a fabulous unconventional story about second chances, soul mates, unexpected love at unexpected times & dreams coming true! 55


4.5 Stars - Darn Near Perfect!5 star

First off, let me just take a moment to revisit the male hunkiness gracing the front cover. Built, tatted, and beautiful, he is just rugged enough — worn just around the eyes and sporting a stubbled jaw — proof that he’s already done some living, loving and learning. So, to all that he is, and the book boyfriend he most certainly has become, I say, yes please! This is yet another soon-to-be best seller for Ms. Foster! The H and h have been assaulted by life, but refuse to be broken. They found each other once, and had one amazing night. It was so fantastic that it was never matched. Well, that is until they find each other once more and the connection, chemistry and their bodies innate knowing make anything other than a HEA an impossibility. If this isn’t your first rodeo with Ms. Foster, within these pages you’ll find the family, friendships, community and genuine connections you’ve come to expect from this author. If this does happen to be your first foray you’ll be pleased to discover what she can accomplish when using letters to form words, and build emotions so tantalizing you can taste them, you’re in for a treat. Enjoy! I received an ARC of this book, from the author, in exchange for a fair and honest review. 55


So sweet5 star

This book has tons of sweetness that I think I got a cavity just from reading these delicious pages. We first met Josie in Sarah and Bones book , a sister that Sarah and their brother Scott had been searching for losing track of her because she didn't want to be found. Or did she? Josie explains what life was like for her after leaving their abusive parents many years ago. Jed Moon and Josie have a history, that started shortly after Josie left those abusive parents, sparks fly just like they did five years ago when Josie appears at .Sarah's door to make amends. Josie also finds out a sweet surprise that she was afraid of for her son Hail. Moon earns his prospect title for the Dark Knights with his suggestion of starting the Young Knights, a mentoring program that Jed starts to help young kids not make the same mistakes he made as a young adult. Josie gets her dream shop of gingerbread, and their is even talk about dipping fries in milkshakes. This story has a sweetness that will leave you grabbing another sugar cookie just to get your fix, with lots of laughs in between. 55


Family isn’t just blood - the Whiskeys exemplify this!5 star

Josie has had a rough life - everything you can imagine seems to have happened to her but the brightest light in her world is her son Hail. She recently was able to determine where her sister is and is contemplating rekindling their relationship. Their relationship became stalled due to their parents, little does Josie know that rekindling her relationship with her sister will include rekindling a relationship she had with Jed a number of year ago. Also, Josie finds out that rekindling her relationship with her sister will bring the force of the whole Dark Knight family as well. The manner in which Jed treats Josie and understands how to go about determining her needs is absolutely perfect. And i can never get enough of a man that loves another child as his own, but you need to read this to learn more about the relationship Jed has with Hail and how it develops - it will bring tears to your eyes. And knowing what the bikers of the Dark Knights will do for the kiddos in their family creates some wonderfully hilarious visuals. Also, Trixie - the daughter of the Dark Knight President is an absolute trip and her antics continue in Mad About Moon and I cannot wait to learn her story in upcoming Whiskey novels. Josie and Jed are such a wonderful addition to the extended Whiskey family and only whet my appetite to learn more about this amazing family, and they truly are all family, even if not by blood. 55


Mad About a moon is so Touching5 star

I fell in love with the story about Jed Moon and Josie Buckley. Melissa Foster has done it again with her multifaceted characters that tugged at my heart strings. She has created a story filled with heartbreak for the characters past challenges and happiness as they find a path for the future. Her books are relatable and rewarding to read. Kudos to Melissa Foster on this heartwarming 5 star read. 55

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