The Skull Crusher

Balto stole me from Lucian without raising a finger.

I thought I would finally be free, finally get my life back.

But Balto has other plans for me. Now I'm his prisoner. He'll keep me and enjoy me as long as he wants.

Until Lucian gives him back the Skull Diamond.

I never want to return to Lucian again, not after being with a man like Balto. The only chance I have is to become more valuable than that diamond, to have Balto want me enough not to trade me back to Lucian.

But can I ever compete with a diamond worth billions?

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The Skull Crusher - Penelope Sky Book Reviews (262)

karina Arreola

Highly Recommend5 star

Balto and Cassini are one of my favorite characters their love is so amazing even though Balto denies caring for her, but when Lucian come for Cassini and he murders all 15 men to save her I couldn’t put the book down!!! Can’t wait for the next chapter 55


Amazing5 star

Penelope never seems to amaze me. 55

Darsh :)

Why aren’t you reading the book instead of my review ?5 star

Just finished reading this book and I can’t seem to pick my jaw up from the floor 🤯 .. I wasn’t expecting things to go the way they did. I really thought Balto would give Cas back & then realize he’d made a mistake & work to get her back. But I’m so happy he realized before she had to suffer. I think this is one of my favorite series from Penelope. She’s an amazing writer but this series she’s really out done herself. Make sure you read this series & all the others she has !!!!! 55


Great series so far5 star

I read this book so fast! It left me with a constant need to know what happens next feeling every time I had to put it down! The chemistry Balto and Cassini have is rugged and hard to understand but it’s definitely there. I can’t wait to see what is in store for us next. Lucian is going to be furious, Heath will say I told you so, but be there to help and support anyway. And something tells me things are going to get intense with Vox soon. Skull Ruler please come quick! 55


A MUST READ!!5 star

Oh man this book is by far the best and a nail biter. It’s so hard to not give away anything and write a review. So a round about. This is part two. Will Balto let her see the family? Will he give her back? Does the brother meet her? Will she notice? Do the brothers get along with Balto??? Oh it goes on and on and it’s all answered in the back. It’s definitely worth buying book two. Honestly everything this author writes I love. You can’t go wrong with any book she write. Take the jump and read her books!!! 55


This book crushed my heart5 star

This book was really good, I felt really bad for Cassini. Caught between two men, both so deadly. When I started this book it picked up right after the first ended and Balto now had her. He’s got feelings for her and he’s totally fighting them as any alpha male does. She’s jealous and wants him as well but she’s having a war between her head and her heart and keeps telling her self she doesn’t want him. I don’t want to give away too many details, but Cassini has never had control over her own life. It’s definitely a love story of sacrificing your self to one man to save your family. I loved seeing their relationship blossom. 55


Amazing!!!5 star

I loved it! 55

Moms Lori

Great series, can’t wait for the next one5 star

Can’t wait to see what happens in the next book, Penelope never disappoints 55

Cynthia sanchez

Amazing!5 star

Penelope sky your a writing goddess! Every book you write I get obsessed with! The back and forth with Balto was suspenseful not know what will happen was thrilling! I need the third book to come out sooner than June! I need to know what happens next! 55


Redundant3 star

It’s ok but it’s like reading the same story over and over again with this author. I loved the buttons and lace series but she keeps writing the same story over and over again with different characters. 35

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