Cupcakes and Killers

Trixie, Sally, and Cora are enjoying the success of their bookstore/coffee shop/wine bar, Read Wine, and planning for Cora’s upcoming wedding when they start receiving hang up calls. At first they chalk it up to a wrong number, but soon the caller reveals himself. It’s Stephen, making good on his threat. He wants his money back. The fact that the police confiscated it doesn’t matter to him. He wants it back and has given them a deadline. A deadline they need to meet before anyone else ends up dead.

Finding out Cora's fiancé isn’t who he says he is a shock, but his alter ego might come in handy getting Stephen to leave them alone. But with this much money at stake, will he? Or are they in danger?

Read Wine Bookstore Cozy Mystery Series

Book 1: Friends and Foes (prequel)

Book 2: Snowglobes and Secrets

Book 3: Cupcakes and Killers

Book 4: Wine and Revenge

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