The Lies That Bind

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • In the irresistible new novel from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of All We Ever Wanted and Something Borrowed, a young woman falls hard for an impossibly perfect man before he disappears without a trace. . . . 

It’s 2 A.M. on a Saturday night in the spring of 2001, and twenty-eight-year-old Cecily Gardner sits alone in a dive bar in New York’s East Village, questioning her life. Feeling lonesome and homesick for the Midwest, she wonders if she’ll ever make it as a reporter in the big city—and whether she made a terrible mistake in breaking up with her longtime boyfriend, Matthew. 

As Cecily reaches for the phone to call him, she hears a guy on the barstool next to her say, “Don’t do it—you’ll regret it.” Something tells her to listen, and over the next several hours—and shots of tequila—the two forge an unlikely connection. That should be it, they both decide the next morning, as Cecily reminds herself of the perils of a rebound relationship. Moreover, their timing couldn’t be worse—Grant is preparing to quit his job and move overseas. Yet despite all their obstacles, they can’t seem to say goodbye, and for the first time in her carefully constructed life, Cecily follows her heart instead of her head. 

Then Grant disappears in the chaos of 9/11. Fearing the worst, Cecily spots his face on a missing-person poster, and realizes she is not the only one searching for him. Her investigative reporting instincts kick into action as she vows to discover the truth. But the questions pile up fast: How well did she really know Grant? Did he ever really love her? And is it possible to love a man who wasn’t who he seemed to be? 

The Lies That Bind is a mesmerizing and emotionally resonant exploration of the never-ending search for love and truth—in our relationships, our careers, and deep within our own hearts.

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Easy read, bad endinf4 star

I should’ve known with this author that she was going to have an odd ending, it’s usually not the one you expect (or even root for lol) but this one was still weird. Without spoiling anything, she basically sells us on a storyline, then spends the rest of the book convincing us it was all BS and then takes it all back at the very end. I finished it going, “wait, seriously?!” 45


So good!!5 star

I finished in 2 days. Couldn’t put it down! 55


Her best yet5 star

I finished this in less than 2 days! Read it too fast and was depressed when it finished! Such a great read! 55


Amazing, as always5 star

Emily Giffin definitely did it again, another amazing love story that breaks all the rules and has all of the characters defying the odds. I love it. I read it in 24 hrs. I’m sad it’s over. Time for another!! Thank you Emily. 55


Mediocre3 star

I wasn’t a huge fan of this book. It seemed rather depressing and not very uplifting. I definitely didn’t expect the outcome of the ending. I will say that kaykaybean13 wrote a horrible review on June 7 giving away the entire premise of the book, ruining the book experience for all readers. Please take kaykaybean13’s review down so anyone else’s reading experience isn’t ruined before reading this book. 35


Great flow and unsuspecting twists4 star

Cecily breaks up with her bf Matthew who has been unwilling to commit depressed she heads to bar close to her house. She meets a man Grant who intrigues and has an incredible connection with her immediately. They begin seeing one another but soon Grant has to leave country with his twin brother who has ALS for clinical trials and he and Cecily end up meeting overseas and cementing their relationship. After months of being gone, Grant comes back to NYC AND He heads to her apartment. They spend the night together and when she wakes he is gone and 9/11 transpires. Grant is missing and she is a reporter who finds a MISSING sign for Grant after calling the # she learns he is married. She befriends his wife and grieves his death. She and Matthew reconcile get engaged and she finds out she’s pregnant. Not knowing the paternity of the child she and Matthewbvreak up and in the midst of that she discovers that Grant was criminally charged with insider trading and is alive. He’s been hiding at his brothers place. When he turns himself in and does time in jail Cecily has the baby which is a girl and is Grants. They get together once he’s released from prison and end up together but much happens in between with her and wife Amy as well as Matthew and their wedding plans that never happened 45


Not her best1 star

I am a Emily Giffin Stan; but I just did not love this one. It starts out wonderfully and hooked me in. I was intrigued by Cecily and Grant’s potential romance. The book was ok until about 80% in, and then it got far fetched. It is almost like two different people wrote the book. The ending was disappointing. 15

Mellie Mel 1970

Love this story5 star

Finished it in one day! Great characters and plot twists. Highly recommend. 55


Here’s a better story that won’t cost you.1 star

I was shopping in Chanel when I saw my idol in the store as well. We were both by the entrance; when we saw and heard an obsessed fan waving hysterically and screaming, “OMG its Meghan Markle. I want to be you Meghan. I wish upon a star that I was you everyday.” The crazed fan was thankfully dragged by her spilt ends out of sight. Meghan and I shared a good laugh. Later someone told us the fan was Emily Giffin. To which we responded, “Who?” 15


My new favorite Emily Giffin novel!5 star

I read this book in one day and absolutely loved it! So well-written. Loved the characters and the plot. I also loved the overall message of the story. Highly, highly recommend! 55

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