American Royals II: Majesty

Is America ready for its first queen? If you can't get enough of Harry and Meghan and Will and Kate, you'll love this sequel to the New York Times bestseller that imagines America's own royal family--and all the drama and heartbreak that entails. Crazy Rich Asians meets The Crown. Perfect for fans of Red, White, and Royal Blue and The Royal We.

Power is intoxicating. Like first love, it can leave you breathless. Princess Beatrice was born with it. Princess Samantha was born with less. Some, like Nina Gonzalez, are pulled into it. And a few will claw their way in. Ahem, we're looking at you Daphne Deighton.

As America adjusts to the idea of a queen on the throne, Beatrice grapples with everything she lost when she gained the ultimate crown. Samantha is busy living up to her "party princess" persona...and maybe adding a party prince by her side. Nina is trying to avoid the palace--and Prince Jefferson--at all costs. And a dangerous secret threatens to undo all of Daphne's carefully laid "marry Prince Jefferson" plans.

A new reign has begun....

"Inventive, fresh, and deliciously romantic--American Royals is an absolute delight!" --Sarah J. Maas, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Throne of Glass series and Court of Thorns and Roses series

American Royals II: Majesty - Katharine McGee Summary

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Don’t waist your time1 star

Horrible sequel. Why have a first book when none of it mattered. 15


Meh2 star

Firstly, congrats to the author for finishing the book. However, it was not what I was expecting. A lot of the book felt like empty space, where the events that took place were over stretched to make the book longer - not necessarily better. The characters weren’t very likable as they repeatedly cheated on each other and weren’t nice for most of the book. In terms of the ending, I was extremely disappointed in how the book finished up. It was a sort-of cliff hanger that didn’t make much sense with where the characters were developmentally (I mean, come on, how does Daphne make any sense? And how is Jeff that stupid?). All in all, it is a good enough book for anyone looking for a quick read. If you’re on the fence about buying it, I suggest you either get it from your library or read the author’s other book, The Thousandth Floor, which is much better. This book and the one before it feel like a rip off of The Thousandth Floor (same formula, same types of characters, etc). 25

Gracy 122444556

SOOO GOOD!!!5 star

I loved the first one and this totally lived up tp the hype...I really really recommend it as a fun read with amazing characters. Teddy totally grew on me and I just loved it sooooo much! 55


Frothy3 star

fun and frothy escape from reality. Glad Sam got fleshed out a more. 35


Loved loved loved it5 star

I absolutely loved the first book and the second lived up to the hype. It was entertaining watching the characters develop further. I hope there is a third book because I still feel like there were some unanswered questions ALSO SPOILER I am confused about Jeff and Daphne.... and I am also confused about Beatrice and Conner. I wanted Bee and Conner to be together so badly at the beginning of the book and when he left it was so abrupt. But I must say, Teddy really did grow on me. And I loved how Samantha really grew into a beautiful, confident, caring person. 55


Yay!5 star

Great book! I finished the first book American Royals and was patiently awaiting the sequel. Definitely lived up to my expectations; it had an ending which was sweet yet complete with room for more. Yay! 55


Okay3 star

It was okay 35

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