The Cold Dish

Introducing Wyoming’s Sheriff Walt Longmire in this riveting novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Hell Is Empty and As the Crow Flies, the first in the Walt Longmire Mystery Series, the basis for LONGMIRE, the hit A&E original drama series
Fans of Ace Atkins, Nevada Barr and Robert B. Parker will love this outstanding first novel, in which New York Times bestselling author Craig Johnson introduces Sheriff Walt Longmire of Wyoming’s Absaroka County. Johnson draws on his deep attachment to the American West to produce a literary mystery of stunning authenticity, and full of memorable characters. After twenty-five years as sheriff of Absaroka County, Walt Longmire’s hopes of finishing out his tenure in peace are dashed when Cody Pritchard is found dead near the Northern Cheyenne Reservation. Two years earlier, Cody has been one of four high school boys given suspended sentences for raping a local Cheyenne girl. Somebody, it would seem, is seeking vengeance, and Longmire might be the only thing standing between the three remaining boys and a Sharps .45-70 rifle.
With lifelong friend Henry Standing Bear, Deputy Victoria Moretti, and a cast of characters both tragic and humorous enough to fill in the vast emptiness of the high plains, Walt Longmire attempts to see that revenge, a dish best served cold, is never served at all.

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The Cold Dish4 star

Being first in the Longmire series, this book sets the stage by introducing the characters and the terrain, which serves as a character. This book may be a little too wordy even if Sheriff Longmire isn't. There are some things introduced that then fade away. (Longmire trying to get into shape, for instance.) Still, this is a good series, and it's always best to read the first book. 45


The cold dish4 star

Loved this book. The characters are awesome. So much better than the tv show. 45


Cold dish5 star

Good read. 55


Excellent writing and brilliant story5 star

Finally an author who combines great wit with an uncanny ability to bring his characters to life. I suspect I shall now be reading the rest of the series and wishing for more! I highly recommend to both men and women -- thanks, Craig, for sharing your talent! 55


The Cold Dish4 star

Damned entertaining! 45


The Cold Dsh5 star

I fell in love with tv show on A&E, now I am in love with books. 55


The cold dish5 star

I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to the next one. Well written and never slow. I really got to know the characters and to like them. I could almost hear and see them. 55


The cold dish5 star

This was an amazing book to read. Had a hard time putting it down. Nice work on story plot and though it was rather easy to know who done it mid way through it was still great to wait to see how it all played out. I will be getting the next book ASAP! 55


Perfect5 star

Johnson has a unique ability to capture Wyoming as its known to those of us who've spent our lives here. I love the characters and plot, but the complete accuracy of life on the western edge of the Powder River Basin and the base of the Bighorn Mountains makes it a must read. 55


Wonderful5 star

Craig Johnson has managed to create characters that I would personally like to know. That is the highest praise I'm capable of bestowing. 55

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