Father Mine: Zsadist and Bella's Story

Ever since the birth of his daughter, Nalla, Zsadist has been regressing further and further into the life he led before he met Bella, his beautiful shellan. He has been waking up in cold sweats due to nightmares from his past, hasn't made love to his wife, and won't hold his baby girl, for fear that he might hurt her. While Nalla's presence had consisted of only joy and excitement in first couple months of her life, now it seems to be driving the couple apart. Bella is afraid that she and Nalla just may need to leave her hellren.

But then Zsadist gets injured on a mission to fight the lessers and because he hasn't been feeding from Bella, almost loses his life. Could this near-death experience create the motivation to pull this couple back together? Or has the gap between them spanned too far for redemption?

Father Mine: Zsadist and Bella's Story - J.R. Ward Summary

Father Mine: Zsadist and Bella's Story book summary coming soon..

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Z5 star

I enjoyed this noevella because there is just something about Z and the story is relatable to us mommies/wives as well. Love him. Love all the BDB 55


Amazing5 star

Incredible story! Amazing Author 55


Father Mine4 star

Zsadist has always been the extremely troubled brother. After his time served as a blood-slave left some very deep emotional and psychological scars. His relationship with Bella has helped to heal some of those scars, but after the birth of their daughter, Nalla, things fall into a quick downward spiral. This isn't a romance so much as it is a reconnecting of souls. Bella will have to prove once again that Zsadist isn't the monster he believes himself to be. It's a touching story and a nice look deeper into their relationship. It was a sweet story of redemption and second chances, of leaning on those you love and allowing them to help you. 45


Excellent!!5 star

I absolutely LOVE these little glimpses into the "everyday" lives of the brothers and their world!! Please keep them coming;) 55


Best5 star

It was soon adorable!!! I loved it!!! Z and Bella and Nalla is so cute. J.R never disappoints. 55


What a love story!5 star

JR thank you for giving us more of Zhadist and Bella's love story. 55

Charrothe man

Zadist and Bella A true love story!5 star

This is a joy an absolute joy. I cried and very rarely am I moved to tears by a story. I find myself wanting to be Bella and have Zadist as my own hellren. I am thankful you wrote more of their story . Now as I read this series since I have purchased them all I find myself want Reverenge to find happiness even with his decencies I myself would endure the pain to win the man. But isn't that why you write your stories so we the readers can escape our reality for just alittle while .. 55


Black dagger brother series5 star

Best books ever hope they never end 55

marcia thomas

Zsadist and Bella's story4 star

Nice short story, was not worth the price. J.R be loyal to you fan base, we'll are not as rich as you're. 45


So loved this closure!5 star

If you loved their story, then you have to know how it ends -- or maybe rather should say - how exactly the ever after REALLY began. 55

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