Wuthering Heights

In this novel this tale portrays Catherine and Heathcliff, their all-encompassing love for one another, and how this unresolved passion eventually destroys them both, leading Heathcliff to shun and abuse society.

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Wuthering Heights is a novel by Emily Brontë published in 1847 under her pseudonym "Ellis Bell". Brontë's only finished novel, it was written between October 1845 and June 1846. Wuthering Heights and Anne Brontë's Agnes Grey were accepted by publisher Thomas Newby before the success of their sister Charlotte's novel Jane Eyre. After Emily's death, Charlotte edited the manuscript of Wuthering Heights and arranged for the edited version to be published as a posthumous second edition in 1850.Although Wuthering Heights is now a classic of English literature, contemporaneous reviews were deeply polarised; it was controversial because of its unusually stark depiction of mental and physical cruelty, and it challenged strict Victorian ideals regarding religious hypocrisy, morality, social classes and gender inequality.. The novel also explores the effects of envy, nostalgia, pessimism and resentment. The English poet and painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti, although an admirer of the book, referred to it as "A fiend of a book – an incredible monster [...] The action is laid in hell, – only it seems places and people have English names there."Wuthering Heights contains elements of gothic fiction, and the moorland setting is a significant aspect of the drama. The novel has inspired many adaptations, including film, radio and television dramatisations; a musical; a ballet; operas, and a song by Kate Bush...

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Wuthering Heights - Emily Brontë Book Reviews (3,620)

Concerned user😱

I have to read this for school cri1 star

Whyyyyyyyy idk if its any good but i have to read if for ap lit so whaaaa 15


What I Thought4 star

I really liked Wuthering Heights. It was recommended to me by someone who knows what they are talking about when it comes to books, and they loved it. It took me a little while to get into it at first, but about halfway through the book, I really got into it. I recommend this to anyone who likes Victorian novels, and tragic love affairs. 45


Wuthering Heights4 star

This was a really good, enjoyable book. It was quite sad, but I couldn't put it down. Definitely would recommend it and don't regret reading it at all! :) 45

housewife loves sonos

Wuthering Heights1 star

A dark ominous book that was filled with selfish, unforgiving, vengeful, hate filled, loveless characters. I read on thinking there has got to be a hero somewhere. There has to be some hope or forgiveness in the lives of these characters. Catherine Linton Heathcliff was probably the closest to being the heroine. But still a character motivated out of sheer selfishness. This was a story that truly depicts how the lack of love, grace, or forgiveness in ones life leads to jealous murderous hatred that destroys lives. Not a book that I would recommend to anyone despite the reputation of the author as a classic literary author. 15


A GREAT book5 star

It' like 7 years since i red the book, but i still compare al the books to this one. It did impress me a LOT. About human nature, betrayal, money, love, hope (your hope for a happy ending) it's all in this book. 55


Nothing to rave about2 star

I have, at my age, read thousands of books. I love period pieces and often find myself using a word or phrase from old English, Irish or Scotish, much to the confusion of family. I finally decided to pick up Wuthering Heights, never having had occasion to read it but knowing it is considered a classic. Having read it, I can't for the life of me understand why! I must say that I am quite disappointed. I always imagined it to be some great love story that ended in tragedy. It is in fact a tale of love, but a love grown out of selfishness, rebellion, abuse and great dysfunction. Had I any clue, I would have left it on the shelf and my imagination intact. 25


Loved it5 star

Very fun to read!! 55

P . I . N . K

Phenomenal5 star

It was a timeless story. It's no wonder it's a classic. Funny and smart. Tragic and beloved. It had was love and deception and death and truth. It as a memorable experience. Loved it. 55

Yo Yo😜😜

Classic and amazing4 star

This book is captivating and a great classic. But here's the thing, I don't like the characters, Catarina and Heathcliff see, both treacherous, but one of the reasons I love it is because they both choose to ignore the others sins and faults. 45


Incredible5 star

This book was awesome, If you loved Ender's Game or the Matrix, you'll love this 55


Wow5 star

It is a dark, deep, passionate classic and should be read at various times in ones life. It means something different at 40 than it did at 19. It doesn't matter if you are reading this because as one reviewer wrote "Edward and Bella told you to".... Just read it. And read it again if it has been a while since you last did. Above all else read it to enjoy it. While it is dark, much of life is and you will find a little Heathcliff and Cathy in most people you meet. 55


Wuthering Heights4 star

While this book is incredibly dreary, if you're a fan of 19th century literature this is the book for you. A story of love, hate, and malice, Wuthering Heights takes place in 1801 when a Mr. Lockwood comes to live as a tenant for the belligerent Mr. Heathcliff and is interested to know the story behind his landlords family. A great book that I recommend to anyone with an interest in old stories. 45


Wuthering Heights5 star

This is a classic story that all should read. It explains the true depth of eternal love. The characters all have meaningful positions in the story. Wuthering heights, emily bronte's masterpiece explains a romantic fairy tale gone wrong. 55


Mid nineteenth century reality tv show5 star

The characters of Wuthering Heights were like a train wreck you couldn't take you eyes off - or in this case stop reading about. The inhabitants of the Heights were first introduced to us as a classic dysfunctional family. They positively exuded hate for one another and they laid all the dirt for all to see with no shame. I couldn't stop myself from flipping through the pages to find out all the juicy details, and felt a little dirty and disturbed in the process. I found it less of a love story between Heathcliff and Catherine, and more about how not to raise your children if you don't want them to grow up into a catastrophic mess. 55


Wow5 star

Great book, amazing story, tragic ending. That about sums it up... 55


Wanted to like it2 star

Wanted to read this as it is a classic, but was sorely disappointed. There are many valuable qualities the book has - Christian virtue, kindness in the face of cruelty, frankness regarding others' rude and immoral behavior- but there is such horror and angst throughout its pages! I wondered how much more I could take; and because of this I was soldiered on. The ending was not the spectacular resolution I had anticipated. It left me wanting and even feeling a little cheated for having read all those pages and ending up dissatisfied with the conclusion. 25


Personally, my favorite.5 star

I am 11 and I can honestly say this is my favorite book. Emily Brontë has created beautiful imagery in this story. It's a must read. 55

K1 Shin

This is one of the great books!4 star

This book have taught me how much anger and hates can destroy someone's life! I learned from this book in my rest of my life i will devote myself to filling my kife with love and gratotude! Not hates and revenges! 45


Withering Heights5 star

No wonder it's a classic! I've loved the movie (with Oberon and Olivier) since the first time I saw it about 30+ years ago, but had never read the book until now. Couldn't put it down! 55


I wish she would write more books!!!!!5 star

This is such a great book. I'd enjoyed it very much. I constantly think to myself how the book would be different if Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff got married like they should have! Very great book about how love can go wrong and how missing out on love can lead to life-long regrets! A must-read if you have any appreciation for classic English literature. 55

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