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Think and Grow Rich is one of the most popular success book of all-time, having sold more than 60 million copies since it was first published more than 70 years ago.  It has created countless millionaires and success stories in those who have read it, and is the standard against which all other success and self-development books are measured.
Written by Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich is the result of more than 500 interviews of America’s wealthiest and most successful business owners in the early part of the 20th century.  It took Hill 25 years to compile, research and ultimately create Think and Grow Rich, and it was Andrew Carnegie who gave Hill the assignment of creating this masterpiece.
Think and Grow Rich reveals the “13 steps to riches” that Hill identified in the extensive interviews he completed, and lays a plan of action out that anyone can follow to create success and prosperity in their life.
  You’ll enjoy Hill’s original work in this updated and revised version, which includes an additional free bonus of the special report, “Get More Business, Get More Life!”  In this ground-breaking work, you’ll learn why most entrepreneurs are exhausted and on the path to failure – and what to do about it.

Think and Grow Rich - Greg Habstritt & Napoleon Hill Summary

Think and Grow Rich was written in 1937 by Napoleon Hill, promoted as a personal development and self-improvement book. He writes that he was inspired by a suggestion from business magnate and later-philanthropist Andrew Carnegie.While the book's title and much of the writing concerns increasing income, the author insists that his philosophy can help people succeed in any line of work, to do and be anything they can imagine. First published during the Great Depression, the book, by Hill's death in 1970, had sold more than 20 million copies. By 2015, more than 100 million copies had been sold worldwide.It remains the biggest seller of Napoleon Hill's books. BusinessWeek magazine's Best-Seller List ranked it the sixth best-selling paperback business book 70 years after it was published. Think and Grow Rich is listed in John C. Maxwell's A Lifetime "Must Read" Books List. ..

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Think and Grow Rich - Greg Habstritt & Napoleon Hill Book Reviews (1,754)


Great Book5 star

Really Enjoying This Book💯 55


Game Changer5 star

This was an absolutely powerful read. It magnified things I thought I already knew and gave me a better perspective. Must read 55

Most fun photo app!

Pompous and Lack of Sources1 star

I couldn’t even finish this book. The author writes in a pompous tone and almost as if he’s attempting to sound smarter than he is. He quotes stories and poems but instead of saying who they are about or who the author is he only says things like ‘written by a great poet’. There are also numerous spelling and grammar mistakes. I’m sure the original book Think and Grow Rich is great, but this adaptation is not. 15


Eye Opener5 star

While reading this book, I realized there are many issues that I need to work on, and many others I didn’t know were even there. I’ve got personal work to do and have to thank the authors for pointing them out, with a strategy to better myself. I’ve already recommended this book to friends, and will suggest that you give it a read, too. 55

Dez Martini

Life changer5 star

I could not put this book down! It is not only useful for business, but many of its concepts can and should be applied to one’s personal life. I am ready to read it all over again!! I really love the way this book was written. It was very easy to digest for me, I love the stories as well as the step by step instructions. I can’t wait to read it again and start putting my knowledge into action!! The only sad part is that the bonus links did not work. I really want those bonus tools!!!!!! Somebody please help!! 55


Most Insightful Book on Mindset5 star

This book changed my life by showing me that "mind over matter" is key to take control of your. This is the third time I read it and it still has the same impact of not more, as I grow physically, mentally and financially. A must read for everyone who wants to take control of their destiny. 55


Think And Grow Rich (Entrepreneur version)5 star

This has been the most powerful book I’ve read. The book is longer than I preferred, but it also forces me to apply discipline in order to reach the very end. This is a highly recommended book to anyone seeking to unlock their potential in life. Thank you once again for sharing your knowledge and experience with the world. 55


Classic self improvement book5 star

A must read for anyone with a desire to succeed. 55


MgN1 star

Klum mm She is ok. The partial hip replacement was on Sunday night. She has been able to (day 1) stand (day 2) walk to room door, (day 3) walk to and sit in a chair. They might have discharged her today but as she will need a wheel chair, it will happen until tomorrow. She will go back to Tender Care with All Care Home Health. They will provide home health and physical on 15


Well written5 star

Well written and eye opener. Plenty of facts and real life time stories. Highly recommended. 55


Pointless2 star

This review is about the full copy of this book: This is pointless motivational-speaker talk to sell something where the salesman can blame the customer when it accomplishes nothing. If the things in this book are not natural, common sense behaviors for you already, it is not in your nature to maintain or grow any wealth that would come your way (point proven if you're thinking about all the ways you could spend money if you only had some more). If you manage money well, skip this. If you don't, this isn't going to tell you anything you haven't already heard and dismissed 1000 times...skip it. Anyone getting this with the firm conviction that they can change, I wish you the best, but I defy you to show me any statistically relevant sample of people who changed any fundamental traits without extreme adversity forcing it for survival and who didn't simply take up old habits as soon as the initial motivation wore off or falling back became easier than the change. 25


Free is to good to be true2 star

I thought this would be a free copy of the book by Napolean Hill. It turned out to be an expansive brochure for a coaching program. I enjoy learning from a coach and this technique is an effective way to engage the unsuspecting, who are not thinking for themselves right now and need help. However, this is not my case and I was caught foolishly trying to get something for free again and found myself wasting time. 25

Mark Nosrati

Great for beginners3 star

The book starts out very slow. Eventually it does pick up. The part I had a problem with is where the author claimed that the Prophet Mohammed had his father attempting to get him drunk and distracting him from being consistent. Mohammed's father died before he was even born. This error haunted me to wonder if the book was filled with even more errors of things that I didn't know about. Ultimately, I focused on the purpose of the book rather than the details as a method to "get through the book." And again, great for beginners. 35


Great book5 star

I took lots of notes, and bookmarked many pages so I can get back to them. I plan on reading this book in it entirety again. Great book to have for your personal development. 55


Think and grow rich4 star

Great principles to utilize for whether you are an existing business or looking to startup your own. 45


Think and Grow Rich5 star

Great book - timeless for the ages...funny how history Repeats itself seeing that this book was written during the Great Depression! 55


Outstandingly insightful4 star

Loved the book. It's liberating to know how much control we have in our success and failure. Accountability 45


John's Opinion5 star



Think and grow rich4 star

Great, highly reccomendd 45


New age exposed!1 star

New age written all throughout. Be warned 15

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