Fevre Dream

Abner Marsh, a struggling riverboat captain, suspects that something’s amiss when he is approached by a wealthy aristocrat with a lucrative offer. The hauntingly pale, steely-eyed Joshua York doesn’t care that the icy winter of 1857 has wiped out all but one of Marsh’s dilapidated fleet; nor does he care that he won’t earn back his investment in a decade. York’s reasons for traversing the powerful Mississippi are to be none of Marsh’s concern—no matter how bizarre, arbitrary, or capricious York’s actions may prove. Not until the maiden voyage of Fevre Dream does Marsh realize that he has joined a mission both more sinister, and perhaps more noble, than his most fantastic nightmare—and humankind’s most impossible dream.

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Fevre Dream is a 1982 vampire novel written by American author George R. R. Martin. It is set on the antebellum Mississippi River, beginning in 1857, and has been described by critics and Martin himself as "Bram Stoker meets Mark Twain". About writing the novel, Martin said that "It was strongly influenced by the time I spent in Dubuque, Iowa, where river steamboats were once built".The novel was first published in the U.S. by Poseidon Press in 1982. It was later published as a mass market paperback in 1983 by Pocket Books. Both editions featured cover art by Barron Storey. The novel was also published in 1983 as a UK hardcover by Gollancz and in paperback by Sphere Books. In 2001, Fevre Dream was reprinted by Orion Books as volume 13 of their Fantasy Masterworks series. Bantam Books reprinted it as a paperback in 2004 and 2012. The novel was nominated in 1983 for both the Locus Award and World Fantasy Award...

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don't worry about it1232123

Great book, great story5 star

This book is fantastic. There is intrigue and mystery, and even though the plot isn’t as twisted as his later ASoIaF series, it is still a fascinating twist on the topic. 55


Great book5 star

Vampire books/movies aren't usually something I'd be interested. I decided to give it a chance since I'm a big GRRM fan from his ASOIAF series. The book does not disappoint. I loved the 2 main characters and the suspense had me hooked to the book. The book kind of makes me want to take a boat trip down the Mississippi River as long as the boat isn't the Fevre Dream captained by poor Abnar Marsh. 55


Very good5 star

Fevre Dream has turned out to be a great book. I was searching the shelves of the airport bookstore for The Procession of the Dead when I saw this book with George R.R. Martins name on and immediately bought, because I am both watching and reading his series "A song of ice and fire". The thing I like the most about this is that his style of writing is different so I don't feel like the character is Catelyn or Tyrion Lannister. Overall a very good book, and that incoming from a person who is very picky with his reading selection. 55

Boer Wart

If you like vampire novels5 star

You have to give this one a read. The attention to historical detail adds so much to the novel's rich and ominous atmosphere. The protagonists are memorable and even lovable, while the villains are properly despicable. For me, it was the relationship between Abner and Joshua that I found most compelling. Honestly, the epilogue left me a little choked up. I've read a whole herd of vampire novels and, until Fevre Dream, none had left me dewy-eyed. 55

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