The Secret Garden

For the first nine years of her life, Mary Lennox was a mean, spoiled, and sickly English girl growing up in India. But when tragedy strikes her family, she is sent off to live at her uncle Archibald's giant manor in Yorkshire. No longer surrounded by servants, Mary finds herself alone in a big and scary new world. That is, until she finds a garden that's been locked away for years...

Heavily influenced by the premature losses in author Frances Hodges Burnett's life, including both her father and her son, The Secret Garden is an unforgettable story about the healing power of nature. Addressing themes of pain, love, death, selflessness, and inner peace, this classic proves that children's literature can be just as complex and profound as adult literature.

The Secret Garden - Frances Hodgson Burnett Summary

The Secret Garden is a novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett first published in book form in 1911 following the publication in 1910 of a serial version in a US magazine. Set in England, it is one of Burnett's most popular novels and is considered a classic of English children's literature. Several stage and film adaptations have been made. The American edition was published by Stokes with illustrations by Maria Louise Kirk (signed as M. L. Kirk) and the British edition by Heinemann with illustrations by Charles Heath Robinson...

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The Secret Garden - Frances Hodgson Burnett Book Reviews (3,194)

jig wow

Great book5 star

This was a great book and I loved the length of it 55


The Secret Garden5 star

I don’t know when this book was originally written, but it certainly is a classic. It is so heartwarming. We can learn so much from the positive thoughts that were shown in this book. I really, really liked this book. Could barely put it down once I started reading it. 55


A Heart Warming Read4 star

A wonderful novel, describing the effects of nature, friendship and positive thinking on the human body, mind and spirit. Uplifting and enjoyable. 45


Nice story4 star

I read this during the fourth grade in elementary and it was a great book! 45


Secret garden5 star

Was delightful. I’m in my fifties and just love it. I’m also a gardener. So everything about the that was true to life and I’m a mom so believe children need to be nutured 55


Secret Garden5 star

Loved the book. Takes you to a secret place with hope . 55


The Secret Garden5 star

Enchanting and powerful, full of Magic.... 55


Coming of Age5 star

This story is truly worthy of any maturity / coming of age saga. Indeed its two major protagonists both achieve thru dedication, analysis, and applied logic a discovery of the world so profound it ranks with any sobriety achievement from a derelict [as I once was] or an "Atlas Shrugged" enlightenment towards achieving clarity. You may find your own examples. Keep the Kleenex handy. xxx 55


A Beautiful Story5 star

I read it so many years ago, watched the movie as well. We all know the movie never does a book justice. I had completely forgotten practically everything. I became so wrapped up in it, that I read it in 2 days. If only everything could end so lovely. I wish there was a 2nd book telling of what became of the children. 55


Secret Garden5 star

Superior to most young people's books! Fantastic-fun adult read as well. (Readers remember this "cats have claws at the end of their paws. BUT a comma is a clause at the end of a pause.") Ha-Ha! Hope those who read + record this SecretGarden review enjoy my humor. 55

Choco Tai

The secret garden4 star

The secret garden is very touching to me like at the end how she learned how to keep her head up at all times 45


The secret garden1 star

Horrible 15

I love dance moms

The secret garden, a Phenomenal book5 star

This is the 3rd time I read this book.figure the rest of the puzzle out. Absolutely breathtaking. 55


Boring1 star

Not much fan of the book I find it boring don't get me wrong good book but not my kind 15


The Magic touched me5 star

Reading this book brought joy to my heart and a smile to my face. Take time to read this book and let it make you alive. 55


Garden4 star

Was really good I think the book was awesome. If you want a book like the secret garden try little women is was really good too. 45

Sweet app:)

Ok3 star

Ok a little confusing at times 35

Mich rabbit

The Secret Garden5 star

I was reluctant at the beginning of this story and almost put it aside. What wonderful treasures lie within its pages!!!! The characters are so real, you can almost reach out and touch them. A lovely gem "in the garden!" 55



U must read this book one of the best books I've ever read if u ever read this book you will thank me !!!!!!!!!!!! 55


My review5 star

A wonderful story of hope& inspiration. If I had given this book when I was paralyze felt hopeless, I would have recovered faster. Kids talks about magic& it is magical to walk again but rehab. was not when there was nothing to motivate you. When most adult are so negative in their out look. But one thing the author got it a person needs to get better for himself it,it just need a little help faith and inspiration. And this book has it all! 55

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