My One and Only

Divorce attorney Harper James can't catch a break. Bad enough that she runs into her ex-hubby, Nick, at her sister's destination wedding, but now, by a cruel twist of fate, she's being forced to make a cross-country road trip with him. And her almost-fiancé back at home is not likely to be sympathetic.

Harper can't help that Nick has come blazing back into her life in all of his frustratingly appealing, gorgeous architect glory. But in Nick's eyes, Harper's always been the one. If they can only get it right this time, forever might be waiting—just around the bend.

My One and Only - Kristan Higgins Summary

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My One and Only - Kristan Higgins Book Reviews (379)


Loved it!5 star

This is one of the best romance books I have ever read. Loved the characters and their past seemed so relatable and real. Not to mention clever humor and a well developed romance. A must read! 55


Love it!4 star

Loved this book, finished it in a day! Although the word crotch was abused, I could not put this book down! 45


Amazing!5 star

Loved it! Nick, I think I love you! 55


My One & Only5 star

This book was a quick read! A good romantic comedy that I could see made as a movie someday 55


Entertaining page-turner5 star

Laughed, cried, couldn't put it down. Really emotional. Loved Harper, but Nick wasn't my favorite hero of all time. 55


Must read!5 star

Ok, I never write reviews...but this book made me want to sit down right after I finished reading it and take the time to do so. This book was a breath of fresh air...wonderful characters, an actual plot, no distracting grammatical errors...but most of all, a great story by a great storyteller. I didn't want to put the book down, yet I didn't want it to end! Wittily told, insightful to actual human emotions, well worth the read! 55

Doesn't Matter!@?$

Not as good as everyone says it is.2 star

There isn't really much development of characters. I'm disappointed bc I purchased this based on other reviews. 25


Enjoyable, Quick Read4 star

Kristan Higgins is on of my favorite romance authors. I've read all of her books so far and enjoyed this one as well. SPOILERS I liked how Harper and Nick were flawed in their own ways that lead to the end of their marriage. It was hard at first accepting Harper's reasons for her inability to allow anyone to be close to her, but seeing her resolve her issues with her mom and hence her dad and Beverlee was satisfying. I did find it a bit convenient at the end that Nick was already on the island when she finally decided to go fight for him. I would've liked to see a little bit more build up, so it felt rushed to me but seeing as that the book was at 400+ pages at that point, I think the author was ready to finish. All and all it was enjoyable and I'm looking forward to the next book. 45


Amazing5 star

This is by far my favorite Kristan Higgins book! I have read most of her books and none of them top this one. This book made me laugh and cry. I absolutely love Harper and Nick. They have amazing chemistry and they are so funny together. Pick this book up, you will not be disappointed. 55


My One and Only4 star

Made me cringe, giggle, and cheer...all the things you expect from a weekend read and just a bit more. Enjoyed it! 45

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