How to Be Free

How can we free ourselves from mental suffering? How can we unlock what the poet William Blake referred to as “the mind-forged manacles” - those unhelpful, unfounded and inflexible habits of thought which keep us from reaching our true creative potential?

This book provides practical advice on how to achieve this.

But it also offers an imaginative holistic theoretical framework for an understanding of the nature of the universe, the psychological history of the human race and the meaning of life.

What Readers Have Said About "How to Be Free" :

"I just wanted to thank you for publishing 'How to Be Free'. It helped me through many hard times that have recently occurred. My self-esteem has been raised because of you."

"This is a book that is full of insight and as a psychology major, I would highly recommend this book for all open minds."

"Opened my eyes and changed my life."

" f*****g changed my life."

"This book is dark, deep and brilliantly written. I'm very moved by the author's candidness about mental illnesses, a subject that has become extinct in our conversations and dealings. Here is a person who reached deep inside himself and spilled his soul out onto each page... and he did it so eloquently. I applaud him for bringing me to tears."

"Really loved the book. It made me think, self reflect and take a deeper look at my own self."

"I found your book particularly helpful at a low point in my life... You have given me new hope..."

"Your book has made me a happier person already!"

" awesome book..."

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How to Be Free - Joe Blow Book Reviews (1,706)

Anniace kindol

Highly recommend for the open-minded5 star

This book is 5 stars, it gives you a whole another impact or perspective on life or even your mindset. I’m not that into book but this one is very different from the rest it’s not like the other read and you be inspired book. It’s the read and you will learn a life lesson on it. When a book impacts a young persons life it changes your perspective in a lot of different ways. I can’t explain what I’ve experienced reading this but I will say, once you read the first couple of lines you can’t stop. It’s like a black hole and you sucked in the vortex and not even the strongest thing could pull you out. You focus on what your reading and stop once you want to and that’s my motivation for now on. 55


👽5 star

💯🤠👹👽🏴‍☠️👺💊🏳️‍🌈🔥🤔🗿👌🏽✡️✡️✡️✡️💊💴🧐🤢💩 55


How To Be Free: A great start from an unexpected source4 star

This was a very informative and insightful read. Highly recommended to anyone who feels like maybe something is missing from their life or world. 45

S. J. Williams

Thank you author, for an amazing book!4 star

I found this book enjoyable. It made me question the way I look at myself, others, and the world I live in. I got lost in thought often, and I had to reread multiple pages because of it. I definitely recommend this book. 45


Seriously ??1 star

This was a waste of my afternoon. 15

benae and mom and Boobie

Benae and mom Boobie3 star

My name is Benae and I’m eight years old My mom is 30 years old and Boobie is 31 years old at my school we did a lot of work and I did good I do get grades then tomorrow we have to go on field trip and I love filters in science and PE and I everything I love is reading to alone I don’t really I can’t wait alone is that iPad is in now I can read a little bit 35


Wow5 star

An absolute must read ! The way this author displays free thought and breaks down their perspective is amazing . Although I don’t agree with everything , I appreciate everything that has been said . 55


Very prevalent today4 star

The speaking of society as having neurosis and explanation of why is spot on. Armoring was a term used a plenty which helped me, and I’m sure many others, understand why we fee closed off. Overall great read, personal and effective. Thank you Mr. Joe Blow. 45


Loved iy5 star

The book was very insightful and I enjoyed the authors perspective on things . A wise woman once said wisdom and intelligence comes from experience and observations. This author has been through both and it’s amazing to see someone that has been through such things come out on the other side . I can’t wait to read more from this author ! 55


Terrible and completely ignorant1 star

Narrow minded and very destructive to people’s beliefs. No one should read this 15


Good read4 star

There are some pretty profound and enlightening ideas presented in this book. 45


Not as good as everyone thinks2 star

It was an okay read. Firstly, it was very poorly written and almost hard to read. It needed more proofreading and editing. Second, a lot of his concepts lacked validity; they could be very easily counter-argued. Also, It may just be me, but the tone of the read felt kind of aggressive and arrogant. It's a good book if you enjoy getting into the mind of others and seeing things through someone's view. But if your looking to learn anything from it, it's pretty much a waste. 25


Changes your perspective5 star

This book beautifully changes your perspective on many things in the world and opens up your eyes to different ideas. Beautiful work 55


Amazing5 star

Couldn't get enough of this book. I read it only when I felt I needed a little guidance, as I was going down the wrong path. It has great logic and intuition. Awesome book. Would love to read more about it. 55


How to be Free5 star

These reviews read like a good book. Bravo!!! 55

Sherrie says

Review4 star

The book was very interesting. Once I started reading I couldn't stop till finished it. I don't agree with the concept he has on God. He thought has some very good insights on humanity. 45


More of a long opinion piece3 star

It's 154 pages of personal theory and opinion. Author is very clear he has no academic background in the field of psych. Some theories are OK and others are a little absurd... like his theory that if you're pro-death penalty, it's because you secretly wish to kill people. Stopped reading about 2/3rds through. 35


Uninformative source and small minded1 star

The problem I had with this book was that it was obviously written by someone who has no background training or understanding of the subject. It was all conjecture on the author's musings. Additionally, there is really no need to add personal thoughts of the author's lack of belief and understanding of his creator. 15


Hateful Christians5 star

It’s so interesting how hateful and unaccepting the comments of “Christians” are below. Isn’t God the all loving creator of everything? If so, didn’t God write this book? 55


Sigmund Freud copycat1 star

Just a personal interpretation of sigmund freud. He rediscovered his ideas. 15

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