How to Be Free

How can we free ourselves from mental suffering? How can we unlock what the poet William Blake referred to as “the mind-forged manacles” - those unhelpful, unfounded and inflexible habits of thought which keep us from reaching our true creative potential?

This book provides practical advice on how to achieve this.

But it also offers an imaginative holistic theoretical framework for an understanding of the nature of the universe, the psychological history of the human race and the meaning of life.

What Readers Have Said About "How to Be Free" :

"I just wanted to thank you for publishing 'How to Be Free'. It helped me through many hard times that have recently occurred. My self-esteem has been raised because of you."

"This is a book that is full of insight and as a psychology major, I would highly recommend this book for all open minds."

"Opened my eyes and changed my life."

" f*****g changed my life."

"This book is dark, deep and brilliantly written. I'm very moved by the author's candidness about mental illnesses, a subject that has become extinct in our conversations and dealings. Here is a person who reached deep inside himself and spilled his soul out onto each page... and he did it so eloquently. I applaud him for bringing me to tears."

"Really loved the book. It made me think, self reflect and take a deeper look at my own self."

"I found your book particularly helpful at a low point in my life... You have given me new hope..."

"Your book has made me a happier person already!"

" awesome book..."

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How to Be Free - Joe Blow Book Reviews (1,853)


Surely will interest many people!4 star

Very open minded book, interesting read. 45

The Chuck G

Don’t bother1 star

This book was pure drivel. It’s written by someone who believes that he is un-important and nobody as he states but his book can save the world. He has no historical data psychological data or scientific data to back anything stayed. He downplays Christianity and Jesus Christ while quoting Him saying that he’s inspiring. Both can’t be true. These were but the ramblings of someone who what’s self justification for being an ting the the way they do. 15


Great read5 star

An interesting prospective on everyday thought and approaches to life 55


Jonathan Gonzalez Lopez5 star

The person I will be at my wedding is going on a cruise or something like to give some additional time to get his JeepGrandCherokee2015 fixed because J and I accidentally hit a few friends, and aso massage him at work to replace myQ with my dads names underneath host. 55


Eye opening5 star

Great information! 55


Opens Doors5 star

The capacity to unlock more than 10% of the Brain escalated to about 99.98% unlocking whilst read! 55


Not Accurate.2 star

great writing, great ideas, but absolutely no help psychologically and not really much to do with the title at all. “how to be free” but there’s literally not one piece of advice in here. just a cluster of random ideas and theories for why we think the way we do. 25


Not Good2 star

I really wanted to like this book, I enjoyed it up until the author started going into the nature of sex in animals. It turned into more of a rant of the author putting their personal feelings into the subject matter rather than actual helpful information for others. The writing is all over the place at times, skipping back and forth from meaningful information to incoherent nonsense. None of which is backed by anything except the author perception of how things seem, based on quick research they probably did on whatever they were talking about. I will not be finishing this. 25


Meh5 star

Rite on. Still prefer stall wall scripture. 55


Thought Provoking5 star

Interesting. It is exactly as it claims. Neither a text book or professional how to. Made me think and consider my own experiences and observations. As for views on God, the writer is entitled to their opinion. Question to all of the angry Christians - aren’t you all supposed to love thy neighbor, turn the other cheek and not demonstrate hate? Maybe you are the ones who should review your Christian faith. Fake Christians are NOT godly. 55


Wow5 star

Haven't read a book so honest in a long time. Definitely recommend it. I'm amazed by how many things the author has been thru and can still see the world from this amazing point of view. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 55


of the moment2 star

Mmmmm myymummmmymmymmmmmmymm M 25


Has nothing to do with the title1 star

This whole book was based on sexuality and sexual pleasure and I could not understand what it had to do with how to be free. Waste of time 15

Tigerlily T

Keeping it simple5 star

This book is very straightforward in its discussions of human psychology and what is behind most human behavior. If you are a religious zealot, you won't like what this book has to say, but if you're a free thinker, open to new ideas and self-examination, it's a great book! You should read it! 55


Love it5 star

I absolutely love this book. It makes so much sense and it it easy for anyone to understand. 55


To wnW2 star

Utah T. 7Has bye W 25


An unexpected joy5 star

I'm so grateful I came across this book. "Joe" is intelligent, and enlightened. Laughed out loud more than once. I'm going to read it again and definitely will recommend it. Amazing journey Joe, you're my kind of "crazy" 55

App user this app

Good book4 star

Good read. Very insightful about life's pressures. 45


By2 star

Homophobicuoxto c c 25


Awesome!5 star

Great insight from another perspective. Loved it! 55

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