Always Know What to Say: Easy Ways to Approach and Talk to Anyone

Want to know the easy way to approach and make conversation with new people? In this book you`ll discover simple ways to ensure you always have something interesting to talk about.

Find out how popular people make it look so easy and how you can do the same.

This book covers the following strategies:

- How to Approach Someone to Start a Conversation
- 9 Great Ways to Confidently Approach Anyone
- How to Stop Feeling Nervous When Meeting New People
- What to Say When Introducing Yourself to New People
- 6 Easy Ways to Avoid Getting Stuck for Words
- 10 Interesting Topics of Conversation for Every Occasion
- The Best Questions to Keep a Conversation Going
- How to Shine in Conversation with Listening Skills
- How to Use Body Language to Read People Like a Book
- Show People You Like Them and Make Friends with Ease

Start reading this book now and you`ll enjoy better conversation skills and have much more fun talking to the people in your day to day life.

Always Know What to Say: Easy Ways to Approach and Talk to Anyone - Peter W. Murphy Summary

Always Know What to Say: Easy Ways to Approach and Talk to Anyone book summary coming soon..

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Always Know What to Say: Easy Ways to Approach and Talk to Anyone - Peter W. Murphy Book Reviews (5,582)

Netty kay

Ok1 star

I felt like the author was stating the same things over and over with only a few basic ideas. It could have been a shorter book without all of the repetition. 15

Snehalbhai Tandel

Too much of repetition2 star

Almost half of the book keeps repeating the content. I would say, the scope was too little to be stretched for so many pages. Vocab wasn’t impressive at all. But, I could understand the motive of author here, so I would look forward to sufficiently scoped version. 25


Good book5 star

Good insights 55

Brandon Zhang love passion

Always know what to say4 star

The book is great!The point of view is profound and inspirational.What impressed me mostly are the instructions to practice which are very detailed and operational.Thanks a million to the author! 45


Great5 star

Great 55

mauriceo dawson

Great read5 star

This book breaks down people and personalities in a way we all need to learn. All the awkward moments when meeting new people are covered in this book. This should be a college course for freshmen so they can learn how to control and conduct themselves in a uncomfortable public setting. 55


Great fundamentals5 star

Very good book. It teaches the basic rules for developing great social habits. It will tell you why you don’t have friends and how to get them without losing yourself. 55


Solid Read!4 star

I thought this was a solid and simple read. It’s good information and straight to the point. This easy-to-follow book is sure to help anyone work on their conversationalism should they put the practices into place. :) 45


Surfaces2 star

This book gives no insight. It barely touches the surface of the issues. “Oh you’re quiet, well popular people aren’t” “Travel to new places” Oh my. Haven’t thought of any of this before 😒 25


Know what to say book review5 star

What a great read, very helpful. 55


Gggggggh1 star

You call this a story ewww 15


Ok3 star

This book is okay... It's well-written, but lacks great information. There are good ideas in the book. The book is simply too short and doesn't give great ways to hold a person in selling. 35


Food for Thought5 star

Don't want to preach it before I practice. This was definitely a great read. Definitely a wake up call ,finished before evening, so short but to the point and thoroughly stressed. The author drills the ideals into your brain. 55

Google nut

Ok..2 star

It's...ok I guess. 😶 25


Burn the first 90 pgs3 star

The books title doesn't come into play until the latter half of the book. I almost deleted the book but forced myself to go through it, and when I finally got to the good stuff there was only a few pages left 35

Cool netb

It's great5 star

Thank you. 55


Great read!5 star

This book pointed out some subtle things I didn't know that will surely help me have more constructive conversations with others. Thanks! This material was a great fresher! 55

Jaylyn Stephens

Exceptional book5 star

I encourage everyone yes EVERYONE to take time out and read this its great. 55


Very Helpful Tips5 star

This book is so easy to read. It identifies a lot of things that we know but we don't apply when we communicate new people. It also gives many to helpful tips to meet someone new. 55


Good quick read4 star

This ebook is mostly communication reminders and not earth shattering material. It is a quick read and gives good insight into breaking the ice especially for introverts. 45

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