Learn to Read With Lil Rep #1

Lil Rep stands for "Listen and Look, Repeat and Point."  This whole language reading program combines audio with duplicate pages in a novel way to change your reading activity from passive observation to active participation.

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JUST NO1 star

I’d rather listen to someone scratching an easel than listen to that audio and it’s so creepy just why do not download it would be small brain 15


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This is so creepy1 star

I tried to show my sis this and she said it was freaky and creppy like 15

Issy's MomMom

Encouraging4 star

My 6 yr old special needs boy read through for the first time tonight. After hearing the sentences, he was able to repeat and read along himself. The only issue I have are the characters names--I wish the author would use something recognizable to young children. We will definitely try out other Lil Rep books. 45

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