For eleven years, Oakley Farrell has been silent. At the age of five, she stopped talking,and no one seems to know why. Refusing to communicate beyond a few physical actions, Oakley remains in her own little world.
Bullied at school, she has just one friend, Cole Benson. Cole stands by her refusing to believe that she is not perfect the way she is. Over the years, they have developed their own version of a normal friendship. However, will it still work as they start to grow even closer?
When Oakley is forced to face someone from her past, can she hold her secret in any longer?

*Silence deals with a sensitive topic and is recommended for 16+

Silence - Natasha Preston Summary

Silence is the absence of ambient audible sound, the emission of sounds of such low intensity that they do not draw attention to themselves, or the state of having ceased to produce sounds; this latter sense can be extended to apply to the cessation or absence of any form of communication, whether through speech or other medium.Sometimes speakers fall silent when they hesitate in searching for a word, or interrupt themselves before correcting themselves. Discourse analysis shows that people use brief silences to mark the boundaries of prosodic units, in turn-taking, or as reactive tokens, e.g., as a sign of displeasure, disagreement, embarrassment, desire to think, confusion, and the like. Relatively prolonged intervals of silence can be used in rituals; in some religious disciplines, people maintain silence for protracted periods, or even for the rest of their lives, as an ascetic means of spiritual transformation...

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Silence - Natasha Preston Book Reviews (28,329)

The girl whom draws

Great5 star

I loved it, great book, I highly enjoyed it 55


Amazing5 star

I am total girl when it comes to romance and this really hit home. I would recommend this to book to anyone, the author did an amazing job 😌 I would totally read it again but got to see where cole and oakley stand when she gets back to england 😉. LOVE THE BOOK READ NOW 55


Wow!!5 star

As a young person who is a little bit older than the character, I felt like I could identify them. Even though this has never happened to me I felt literally everything the main character felt. When she wanted to pull out her hair so did I. When she felt like she shouldn’t be trusting, I felt the same. This author wrote a story that will pull your heart in many directions. This book is about awareness to child abuse. I love reading fiction and mysteries, even though this was fiction it didn’t feel like it after a while it felt like a real life story, so many principles and thoughts to learn from. Apart from the Bible, this book maybe my favorite book ever. 55


Wow5 star

I loved this because it is romance and drama etc. it was just so many different thrilling things to read in just one book. I could guess the plot points but that made the book even better when I was right and they came true. 55


Love it!!5 star

One of the best books I’ve read on here 55

Soooo goood

The best5 star

I recommend reading it so far this is the best book I’ve read and I’m in love 55

ft review

Silence is the perfect title explaining every thing in one word4 star

This book is so heart crushing but yet hearts warming it is a roller coaster of elements and emotions definitely one of the best books I’ve read. 45

M. Aragon

I loved this book5 star

I don’t like reading books but I absolutely loved reading this one!! 55


Silence5 star

I absolutely loved this book. 55


Amazing tear jerker!!5 star

Best book ever!! 55


Slilent5 star

One of the best books I’ve read. Keep you on edge the whole time, literally cried at the end. 55


Read read read5 star

This is sooo good I can’t stop reading 👍🏽👍🏽☺️☺️ 55


Oh my goodness5 star

This book man !!! 55


Love it!5 star

Absolutely love this series of books! 55

Katelyn Dastrup

AMAZING book5 star

I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a book that much for so long. I love it. It’s very inspirational. I would buy all the books if I could. 55


Wow just wow.5 star

Silence is an amazing book. It keeps you interested and on edge. All I wanted to do was keep reading. Some parts can be a little triggering, but definitely worth the read. 55

Lily shakin

😄😄😄yesssss5 star

I haven’t read this book yet but I was reading the guys this is a free book don’t expect it to be perfect....also I can’t wait to read itttt😁😍 55

Just wanna play!

Beautiful5 star

This book had so many rises and challenges and the author did so well w explaining everything in such great detail. I was so surprised that this book was free. I was hooked from the very beginning and I had no clue what I was reading. I can’t wait to read the second book to see how everything ends up happening. 55

Notsoaccurate to me


I read the description and wanted to read it right away. I love the story it’s so good. It’s a bit sad but happy story. If you read this book make sure to read the second one cause it’s amazing too!! 55


Amazing!5 star

This book was really good and kept me reading! It was a very cute/sad story and it was very relatable on so many notes 55

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