From the #1 New York Times bestselling author who has kept readers on the edge of their seats with her phenomenal Fallen Angels novels, comes one of the most heart-stirring and eagerly anticipated events in that acclaimed series.

The Creator invented the game, and the stakes are nothing less than the fate of the quick and the dead: seven souls, seven crossroads. Reluctant savior Jim Heron has compromised himself, his body and his soul, and yet he’s on the verge of losing everything...

...Including Sissy, the innocent he freed from Hell. Jim’s determined to protect her—but this makes her a weakness the demon Devina can exploit. With Jim torn between the game and the woman he’s sworn to defend, evil’s more than ready to play dirty.

Humanity’s savior is prepared to do anything to win—even embark on a suicide mission into the shadows of Purgatory. True love is Jim’s only hope for survival—and victory. But can a man with no heart and no soul be saved by something he doesn’t believe in?

Immortal - J.R. Ward Summary

Immortality is the ability to live forever, or eternal life. Immortal or Immortality may also refer to:..

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Immortal - J.R. Ward Book Reviews (190)


Fallen Angel Series.5 star

Reading the Brotherhood series of books, I thought no way the others could be this good. I was wrong. J.R. Ward is an awesome writer. This series had me laughing & crying. And of course wanting more! 55


Fallen Angels Series by J.R. Ward5 star

This series is one of the absolute best series I have ever read if not the best! Now I just need to know if there is going to be another book about Eddie and Adrian since the war is over!!! I love those two angels and hope to read more of there adventures soon! 55


Immortal/fallen angel series5 star

Awesome ending to a great series! 55


Great ending5 star

I'm going to miss this great series but I'm not disappointed in the last book to this amazing story. It was great and much redeeming to that evil wench Devina!! Jim has a happily ever after! 55


Awesome5 star

No more can be said. This book and series is just awesome. Many thanks to J R Ward for sharing! 55

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