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"I don't have a clue how you turned my book reading device into a game, but I loved it. You're a genius in my book".
Kathryn Cooper (KatherineCooperWrites.com)

Being quizzed on the Divergent Series has never been so much fun!

The Divergent Trilogy is one of the best set of books to come out in recent years. Test yourself and find out how much you about the Divergent story

- How well do you know the five factions: Amity, Erudite, Candor, Abnegation & Dauntless?
- Can you remember everything that happened during the Initiation Stages and the Shutdown Mission?

You’ll be quizzed on these and many more areas of Divergent. What score will you get?

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Divergent - Sarah Davids Summary

Divergence is a function that associates a scalar with every point of a vector field. Divergence or Divergent may also refer to:..

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Divergent - Sarah Davids Book Reviews (1,351)


Really1 star

This thing is a wast of time -Brylynn Marshall 15


Some inaccurate1 star

I was answering a few questions and this book is inaccurate. It asked me to name an Abnegation leader and I said Marcus, then the book said he was Dauntless, this is a problem as the book states that he is a leader working with Tris’s father, Tobias is his son. Tobias came from Abnegation. Also, he is hiding out with the Abnegation wearing gray clothing. In Tobias’s fear landscape Marcus is in an Abnegation home with Abnegation clothing. This is a problem that must be solved. 15


BEST BOOK EVER!!!!!5 star

BEST BOOK EVER!!!!! This book was very well written. It is now my favorite book. 55


All-time Favorite Book5 star

Nothing compares. 55

lady bird 10

Test5 star

Test 55

Missi & the K Kids

Amazing Book Series!5 star

Couldn't put it down! although i wasn't too thrilled with Allegiant. Even though they're worth the read and my children and I all read and watched all the films! All 4 of us loved it! 55


Divergent5 star

Goooooooooooddddddddddd 55


Where is The Final Movie5 star

Are we going to get to see the Last Movie? 55


Divergent1 star

It's actually not reading is whole bunch of questions 15

Sydney Manatee

Enjoyable5 star

If you enjoy fun, quick quizzes than this is perfect for you. It's pretty cool how she did it and I definitely enjoyed. Thanks for making it! 55

Not divergent

Thought it was divergent1 star

The title says it is divergent. I want to read it and I got excited because it said it was free. 15

🐷Pig MC🐷

😴3 star

😴 is what this app does my it's very well made but no one who hasn't bought divergent is gonna buy it, like me! 👎 but seriously 👏 for the developing 💩💩💩 35

Vasil Ivanov III

I love the fact that the book is essential a test.5 star

5,500+ pages in this book and it was a great way to remember the last time I saw the movie. I loved it 55


Hunger games4 star

It's the hunger games with the new name. Read it. Like it. Never read it again. 45

Esmeralda Arevalo

Divergent5 star

This book is really really good 55


Horrible1 star

Boring as it look it is just a quiz book 15


Best. Thing. Ever5 star

I really love this quiz, not because I got everything right (technically) but because it brings me back to what I fall in love with in my first Divergent experience and it really does challenge you to think back on what you either do or don't think about, this is a just read and must DO :) 55


Crap1 star

Stupid book 15


good but not great4 star

somethings in this quiz are incorrect. Tris grabs the flag during the paintball exercise but they are saying the correct answer is Christina. But otherwise it is good 45


2 incorrect questions3 star

On the abnegation section it states that Marcus is not an abnegation leader, but a dauntless leader. That is incorrect. Also it says that the only reason the guard let tris in is because he was divergent. If they are talking about Peter, they are wrong. He is not divergent, but they took him off the list because the dauntless leaders trusted him. Another reason he let Tris through is because she shot him in the arm. 35

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