Feels Like Home

No one knew what it cost her to come home. 

With her career going down in flames and a family history that reads like a bad tabloid, Autumn Maddox can’t afford any more PR disasters if she wants to hold her head up in her old home town. So she’s going to do the impossible—smile brightly at every insincerely murmured “bless your heart,” ignore every not-so-subtle dig, and pretend the town’s sexiest bachelor is a eunuch. Well… two out of three isn’t bad, right?

The minute he lays eyes on her again, his life turns upside down. 

Town doctor Jude Southerland is known for two things: saving lives and ducking marriage. So when he almost runs Autumn down in the middle of Main Street and ends up sipping sweet tea with the prodigal daughter a few weeks later, the good townsfolk take notice. As far as Jude’s concerned, the last woman anyone would pair him with is the only one he wants. 

As far as Autumn and the town are concerned, this means war. 

Jude’s determined to be her knight in shining armor, but Autumn gave up on happily ever afters, small southern towns, and herself a long time ago. What’s it going to take to convince the Ladies’ Auxiliary, the Rotary Club and the woman of his dreams that their love is meant to be?

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Evelyn Adams invites you to fall in love with the Southerlands. Love is just a click away.

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Feels Like Home5 star

A sweet story, that I finished in 1 day, it’s that good! 55


Feels Like Home5 star

This was a great read. The further I got into the book the harder it was to put down. I look forward to reading the next two books about Bailey and Trace, and Summer and Travis. These books are about finding love; but I think they highlight the importance of family as well as having friends that you can count on and that have your best interest at heart. 55


Feels like Home5 star

At last a love story that has a sweet ending. A good read I couldn't put down. 55


Feels Like Home5 star

I enjoyed this book very much & highly recommend it. Both Autumn's and Jude's feelings, emotions, & worries were touching. It was nice to watch their story play out. 55

CM Sandlady

Fabulous5 star

I found this author quite by accident, but what a happy accident it was. The characters are believable and easy to feel for. I look forward to reading more from this fabulous storyteller. 55


Love this series!5 star

This book got me sucked in to the Southerlands' series. Autumn and Jude's story is sweet, touching and sexy. It is a great love story and is also humorous at times (love the stories of Jude's dog and the chicken). Definitely recommend to anyone! 55



This was a WONDERFUL story, full of sweet and sexy romance! I LOVED IT!!! I’m loving the DOC! 55


Feels Like Home5 star

Very nice reading. Couldn't put it down. Great characters. Well done. 55


Love it5 star

Great story!!! Can't wait to read about the rest of the family. 55


Feels Like Home4 star

I chose this book because it was a freebie on iBooks. It was a great, quick read for anyone who wants to slip away into an old town romance. The characters were different than most of the current steamy books out there which was a nice change of pace. Enjoy this book and the other in the series as I did. 45

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