The Wait

In this New York Times bestseller, Hollywood power couple DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good candidly share their courtship and marriage, and the key to their success—waiting.

President/CEO of Franklin Entertainment and former Sony Pictures executive DeVon Franklin and award-winning actress Meagan Good have learned firsthand that some people must wait patiently for “the one” to come into their lives. They spent years crossing paths but it wasn’t until they were thrown together while working on the film Jumping the Broom that their storybook romance began.

Faced with starting a new relationship and wanting to avoid potentially devastating pitfalls, DeVon and Meagan chose to do something almost unheard of in today’s society—abstain from sex until they were married.

DeVon and Meagan share the life-changing message that waiting—rather than rushing a relationship—can help you find the person you’re meant to be with. The Wait is filled with candid his-and-hers accounts of the most important moments of their relationship and practical advice on how waiting for everything—from dating to sex—can transform relationships, allowing you to find a deep connection based on patience, trust, and faith.

The Wait - Devon Franklin & Meagan Good Summary

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The Wait - Devon Franklin & Meagan Good Book Reviews (735)

Tall Stalliooonnnn

Amazing5 star

This book was very influential, heartfelt and most importantly relatable. As oppose to demanding or making one feel like sinners; they explained their journey of how it was not easy and things they both dealt with in the past. This book was also an eye opener and a blessing as I navigate my relationship. This God-fearing couple never wavered and we need more examples of that in our generation as oppose to the Instagram posting pics with your partner then waiting for the masses to tell us of what “relationship goals” are. God is relationship goals first and thank you to these two for allowing Him to use you. 55


Great5 star

I really appreciate you guys for making a great book for people like myself trying to figure things out in life. This book has opened my eyes ,my mind ,an my heart...Thank You so much 55


Inspiring !5 star

Going through two hard break ups back to back, not knowing how to deal with this heartbreak until I read The Wait! I feel so inspired that I can become a better me, and that there IS someone out there for me. It’s starts with yourself and what you’re attracting, The Wait is definitely eye opening and REAL! 55


Beautiful5 star

Everything I needed for my new journey of celibacy! 55


Inspiring!!!!4 star

This book is a great read if you have ever had any struggles with relationships. It truly helps you to put things in perspective and take accountability for some of your actions; that caused ruining of yourself and the relationships around you! 45

Evolution-Life (EVO-L)

Whatcha waiting for5 star

This is a life changing concept that can be applied across many areas of ones life. 55


Worth The Wait5 star

This book is truly more than about sex, but you’ll get into all of that once you read it. Although I’ve had the book for almost two years, I’m just now willing to accept and read it for all it has to offer and it was well worth The Wait. 55

Ebony Rhae

Insightful5 star

It took me months to finish this book because I wasn’t as serious about my Wait as I am now. I just want to personally thank you both for your obedience. It has most certainly helped me in areas I didn’t know I was lacking. To see a young black couple profess the name of Jesus Christ in Hollywood AND mean it....truly blessed me. 55


The Wait5 star

This book was absolutely amazing! I advise every Man and a Woman to read this book. It not only helps you if your practicing celibacy, but it help you find yourself ! Sometimes we get lost in who we are. We're so stuck in our ways and think it's right but in reality it's not and "The Wait" give us that reminder. 55


God sent5 star

So grateful that God allowed this couple to go through and live a life that is and has completely blessing me and others in guidance, understanding and most especially true love. Thanks for doing so well in ensuring that every detail is covered for "The Wait" and looking forward to more xoxo. God bless 55


Love it.5 star

This book is definitely a must read. Especially for our generation. So many relationships now of days are worldly dating instead of doing it Gods way. It definitely blessed me because I was almost about to give up and go back to my old ways, but this just put a fire in me to continue trust in God. Work on myself first, get a deeper relationship with Jesus. Learn and grow more. 55


JOY to my World5 star

The timeliness of their testimony couldn't have been more perfect! The affirmation, convictions, and encouragement I've received while reading this book has been phenomenal. I would like to personally thank DeVon and Meagan for using their platform of influence to spread the goodness of the Lord. I strongly suggest this book to anyone seeking more out of life. Having the convenience of the iBook and the comfort of the hardcopy I was able to successfully complete The Wait while putting the Lord's will for my life, an innovative lifestyle, and their suggestions into a practical practice. This is indeed one of the Best books I've read! 55


Best Book!5 star

Being a 21 year old who has now been celibate for 2 1/2 years, this book helped me realize I was doing it for all the wrong reasons. And it taught me how to do practice the Wait the right way. Thank you for making an impact on my life Mr and Mrs Franklin ! God bless you all 55

Darion Powell

Wow5 star

This is an amazing experience . I highly recommend reading The Wait to everyone, not just singles. This book has transformed and reassured me on my choice to wait for Gods best. Thank you! 55


Amazing5 star

I absolutely loved this book I really could re-read it. Their story and testimony on waiting is so inspiring. 55

TW 202

Incredible!5 star

This book is incredible! I would highly recommend it whether you agree with the general concept of "the wait" or not. The focus of the book is Megan and Devon's experience in celibacy. However, the concepts of the book have a practical application that can be used in various life experiences requiring patience and discipline. 55


Gods Gift5 star

This book couldn't have come at a better time in my life. Highly recommended.Inspirational and fulfilling as if God himself is speaking to you through Devon and Meagan. Speaks volumes. Thank you for the inspiration and encouraging words. I suggest readers read it then read it again!!!!! 55

Ms. Keva

Eye opener5 star

I love the book! It shows it much more to relationship then just being sexual. Love thyself and our father God and he will provide us everything we could ever need. Career, marriage, and long lasting love. 55

Jazzye White

The wait .5 star

Excellent 55

Diamond Blair

The wait book5 star

The wait book was so good it had some great information in there and I learned a lot bout myself and self -worth and why waiting is very important and it just gives me a big out look on life and stuff and thing The younger generation need to read it and I'm 23 yard old women and this is by far the best book I have read in my life so more people need to read this book they will learn something from it no doubt about. 55

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