The End Game

Nicholas Drummond, “a new son of Bond licensed to shine”(Kirkus Reviews) returns in the third Brit in the FBI thriller.
Nicholas Drummond and his partner, Mike Caine, rush to stop the deadly bombings and cyber attacks of an environmental terrorist group. But when the organization is infiltrated by an international assassin, it will take help from fellow FBI agents Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock to stop something much bigger from going down...

The End Game - Catherine Coulter & J. T. Ellison Summary

Endgame, Endgames, End Game, End Games, or similar variations may refer to:..

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Gave up1 star

Read about 2/3 and gave up. Really boring. I have read every Coulter FBI book to this point and always enjoyed them. I will not buy anymore. 15

Loon Lady

The End Game3 star

I have loved Catherine Coulters books forever, and the plot of The End Game is as good as ever, but I really do have to say that the dialogue is getting really stilted and unbelievable. I know of no one who talks like these characters, and I know a lot of law enforcement types. I hope it gets better. 35


The End Game5 star

Really exciting read. Can't wait to see this group in their next adventure ,when is it coming 55


Beth5 star

I loved this book, I really hope there will be others to follow this book. Great action and suspense.. 55


Best in a long time.5 star

Five stars all the way,each time I opened up I looked forward to an incredible bite of the whole meal. Great job hope to read more great books from Catherine! Cheers 55

Lauri from Cleveland

Entertainment page turner5 star

Loved the book. Love, Nicolas and Mikes characters. Can't wait for the next one. They get better and better. Series is fun, humorous at times and on the edge of your seat. All that make a great read 55


Best of the Series5 star

Read all 3, one right after the other. The 3rd, without doubt, is the strongest & best. And sets up for a very long running series, indeed. 55


The End Game, by: Catherine Coulter & J.T. Ellison5 star

This is the 3rd book in the FBI series, that focuses on the Special Agents Nicholas Drummond & Mike Cain, also including Agents Savich & Sherlock. This book is the 3rd installment of Drummond & Cain, (following "The Final Cut" and "The Lost Key") As in previous books with these 2 main characters, they are partnered in New York FBI offices where using Drummond's detective skills and white hat hacking they seem to be able to read each other very well and are on the same wave length as they begin investigating multiple threats that a terrorist group has made and as well as carried out. They are very close to a threat that is carried out and unlike previous bombings of oil refineries this one does involve collateral damage, a nice way of saying many people were killed in this blast, both of them almost being included in the deaths. While tracking this group the partners find out this group had a CIA operative undercover within the group. They set off tracking this group and their increasingly brutal attacks and determine there are going to be attacks against the President and Vice President. It's a rush to see who will prevail with the life of both of the leaders of the U.S. with at times only seconds remaining to save each one at different times. During this novel you will see Drummond starting to realize that he loves New York and even Nigel his butler will begin to finally feel at peace with Drummond's life choices. Of course the way Drummond and Cain start to feel about and see the same "thrill of the hunt" in each other you will start to compare these two , to another pair of FBI agents-Savich & Sherlock I loved this book and can't wait for another adventure by Coulter and J.T. Ellison featuring these characters and I hope it picks up right where this book ended with a mysterious call for help from a character in one of the previous novels by these two!!! 55

Super Clock

End Game4 star

Easy and fast reading. The end left a little. 45


Another touchdown for The FBI and A Brit in the FBI series5 star

I couldn't put this book down. As with all of Catherine Colter's books and series I'm always ready for her next book. 55

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