Fire Point

The sixth novel in the Ryan Lock series. Ryan Lock and Ty Johnson are in Los Angeles and on the trail of an unlikely cult who are planning on taking their message to the world in the most devastating fashion imaginable. 
"This series is ace. There are deservedly strong Lee Child comparisons as the author is also a Brit, his novels US-based, his character appealing, and his publisher the same." - Sarah Broadhurst, The Bookseller 
"This is a writer, and a hero, to watch." - Geoffrey Wansell, The Daily Mail 
"Black's style is supremely slick." - Jeremy Jehu, The Daily Telegraph 
"The pace of Lee Child, and the heart of Harlan Coben." - Joseph Finder, New York Times Bestseller (Paranoia, Buried Secrets) 
"The heir apparent to Lee Child" - Ken Bruen, Internationally Bestselling Author of The Guards 
'Ryan Lock (is) a protagonist tough enough to take on the Jacks of this world (that's Bauer and Reacher)' - Russel McLean 
'Black's star just keeps on rising.' - Evening Telegraph

Fire Point - Sean Black Summary

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Fire Point - Sean Black Book Reviews (116)


Another Exciting Read4 star

A look at psychopaths and what makes them tick. A mother's anguish when she realizes what her son is capable of and what made him go wrong. The bad group of friends he teamed up with and how he was fooled by their friendship. Riveting. 45


Fire Point5 star

This was my first Sean Black novel, but it won't be my last! Enjoyable read with a story line that kept me engaged. I stayed up too late reading it, but that's the sign of a good book! 55


Real thriller4 star

"Couldn't put it down" is such a cliche, but so appropriate for this fast moving action packed thriller. Very plausible, well written and a fun read. Highly recommended. 45


Great Read!5 star

Definitely worth it! Second in this series I have read & I love it. Character descriptions are great, nuances & history make them real. New fan of Sean Black here! 55

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