From USA Today and New York Times bestselling author Evelyn Adams, Won is the final part of Luke and Claire's story.

Emotionally constipated billionaire developer, Luke Masters might finally be learning to love. His strong sexy electrical contractor, Claire English has blown down his barriers and claimed his heart. Just because he’s decided to give this relationship thing a try, doesn’t mean it’s all smooth sailing. Old habits die hard and Luke’s had a lifetime to pick up the bad ones. 

Claire’s battled desperately to keep her heart safe from the selfish billionaire who owns her body and wants her soul, but against her better judgment, she’s fallen in love. Luke has promised her the world and more importantly his heart. She’s not sure whether to believe him, but she’s already lost. It’s too late to turn back now. 

With something far more sinister than a broken heart threatening to rip them apart can they find their way back to each other and the love they’re just learning to trust or will they lose everything? 

Won - Evelyn Adams Summary

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Won - Evelyn Adams Book Reviews (94)


Amazing5 star

Read this whole series, kept me interested, love the characters, the story itself was great. Really good read!! 55


Absolute must5 star

I ordered book two on Amazon... Worth getting the kindle app and reading it. Patiently waiting for book three!!!!! 55


Addicted5 star

Thank you for such amazing stories can't wait for this one! 55


Won1 star

So annoyed! Loved book 1, accidentally per-ordered this thinking it was book 2 but it's really book 3. Book 2 IS NOT available on iBooks! How can we seriously be expected to read this without knowing what happened in book 2?!?!? Disappointed and trying to cancel this pre-order:( 15


Wired4 star

You are promoted book 3 in this serie. But where is book 2? We cannot read 3 without book 2! 45

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